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22nd-Feb-2017 07:01 pm - NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017

Hello all,

I saw someone post about looking for tickets, and figured since I'm looking for some I'd use the same post.

I'm searching for 2 tickets to either the Sapporo Concerts (April 1st or 2nd) or to the Tokyo Dome Concert (June 10 or June 11)

It would mean so much if I could get tickets, as I would love to surprise my girl with them!~

If you do have tickets for sale, please email me @ asarm057@uottawa.ca!

Yamada Ryosuke
22nd-Feb-2017 05:59 pm - Koyama on Chikarauta - Sunday, Feb 19

The latest episode of Chikarauta, Sunday, Feb 19,  has been updated to koyama_daily. As always, please join to view.

A delightful Japanese lesson from Yoshinori-sensei (with some Shige-teasing along the way).
Many thanks to mckee16_88 for her help and to inala-san for the raw file!

295 Mb - MEGA
lost marbles

Koyama’s appearances on news every for the week, Aug 1 - 4 have been updated to koyama_daily. As always, please join to view.


The latest episode of Chikarauta, Sunday, July 3, with guest Tegoshi, has been updated to koyama_daily. As always, please join to view.

2nd-Jul-2016 08:18 pm - Shige on Bibitto - July 1

Sharing Shige’s regular Friday appearance on Bibitto for Friday, Junly 1.

This week Shige’s Rainbow House was all about dried fish, and it seems they have installed the camera inside his refrigerator now as well.

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Sharing my Quartetto experience. Detailed report can be found in my journal:

HereCollapse )

Tiime to pause and celebrate the wonderful and special man that is Koyama Keiichiro and the joy he brings to our lives.

It's already been a very busy year for NEWS on top of the fact that he has never been in demand as much as he is now. So we wish him continued success and a happy, healthy year surrounded by family, friends, fans, members, staff and co-workers as he juggles his formidable workload.

And as we look forward to what the next year will bring, here is a look back at Koyama at 31, with a collection of 31 magazine images from the past year.

DL image -- MEGA


Congratulations to KoyaShige!

TBS has announced today, March 16, that KoyaShige’s late night variety show, NEWS na Futari, will become a regular show from Friday April 22. It will screen from 12:50 - 1:20 am.


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Sunday Japon screened a short clip this morning, March 13, promotion both the QUARTETTO album on sale now, and the upcoming release of the WHITE Tour DVD.

This was our first look at the much anticipated, and awaited WHITE DVD.

Sharing the clip in both .ts and .mp4 formats. The file detais as listed below.

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10th-Mar-2016 10:15 pm - Pink to Gray ch. 6 scanlation
To celebrate the release of the movie, I thought I'd push one of my groups to finish off the manga!

Thanks to all the hard work from my fellows at Eggy Scans, we finally bring you the long awaited chapter 6~!
And thanks, of course, to the contributors of this comm for the raws! We stated credits in the release post this time, but next time we'll have a line added for raw provider ♡

Get it here while it's hot!

Just a word of caution that this group has some BL projects so beware you don't download other things carelessly if you're not into that kind of thing.
Yabu 3

The latest episode of Chikarauta, Sunday, November 29, has been updated to koyama_daily. As always, please join to view.



The latest episode of Chikarauta, Sunday, November 8, has been updated to koyama_daily. As always, please join to view.



Another promotion for next Friday night, October 2, when KoyaShige are returning with another edition of NEWS na Futari.

The team from Sunday Japon were out again to interview them for today’s broadcast, Sunday Sep 27.

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21st-Aug-2015 08:33 pm - Great Nature Website Launched
The website for Koyama's upcoming play, Great Nature was officially launched today.

You can find it here - www.great-nature-stage.jp

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