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Sharing a couple of clips from news every and ZIP! for the NEWS concerts at Tokyo Dome.

The Tokyo Dome concerts have have been the final ones of the tour but it is the traditional place for the media to focus and time when concert footage can be seen on various news reports.

These are short clips which generally offer some footage from early in the concert and then the special encore performance of Chumu Chumu.

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14th-Jun-2015 01:23 pm - New TV Show for KoyaShige

It has been reported this morning that Koyama and Shige will have a new Friday night variety show, starting July 3 at 24:20 on TBS. Update: this is not a regular show as yet, but there are hopes that it will become one.

Titled 「激撮!インテリジェンスワイドショー『NEWSな2人』」/ Gekito! Interi Jensu waido sho NEWS na futari / Must See! The Super Intelligent Talk Show with the 2 from NEWS

And there seems to quite a focus on the fact that they are a newscaster and a writer who are both university graduates. In fact this article, refers to them as “インテリジャニーズ”コンビ [Intelligent Johnnys Combi].

In the first episode, Koyama spends the day in Akihabara, camera in hand visiting maid cafes, while Shige visits the Tokyo DARC [Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center].

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20th-May-2015 11:24 pm - Tickets for sale
I have 3 tickets for the Hiroshima 6/7 concert that my friends asked me to sell for them. They were purchased off a ticket site so they are not face value. Please DM me if you are interested.
28th-Jan-2015 04:01 pm - [NeWs Dj] SummerTime!
Some old work'd done in summer last year :)

[News Dj]  SummerTime!


Anh Ho tuyệt vời ♥
24th-Jan-2015 10:34 pm - New KoyaShigeDake Schedule

We've set up a new, permanent and ongoing calender - which hopefully will be easier to keep updated.

To access, just click on the schedule link in the sidebar or on the header above. Each item in the schedule is clickable to reveal more information as necessary.
14th-Jan-2015 09:30 pm - Pink and Gray Becomes a Movie!

It was announced today that Shige's first novel, Pink and Gray is being made into a movie.

The movie is due to start shooting this month and will be released next year.

The movie will star Nakajima Yuto (from HSJ).

More information can be found here => http://natalie.mu/music/news/136092 (Japanese site)

Congratulations Shige!!

20th-Oct-2014 05:33 pm - Koyama on Tokyo Live

Just an update to let community members know that, like news every, videos of Koyama relating to the new regular Tokyo Live have been, and will continue to be, updated to the koyama_daily community. Last night's first broadcast and a number of lead up appearances are all currently available. Please join the community to view the posts.
With many thanks to mou_kai softsubs are now available for the two most recent KoyaShige interviews related to Shige's novels on news every. The raw video and the link for the subs are in each of the posts below.


Senko Scramble Interview - March 2013


Burn Interview - April 2014

Note: the linked posts in this entry are locked for community members only as they contain media downloads. All fans are welcome to join the community.

In celebration of Shige's birthday we are sharing both the pamphlet for Naka no Hito and an illustrated plot summary using magazine photos.

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11th-Jul-2014 12:19 am - Happy Birthday Shige!

Another year rolls around and once again it's the day we celebrate this gorgeous and talented man!

Happy Birthday Shige. And thank you for your continuing love of NEWS, the members and the fans.

24th-May-2014 04:33 pm - Koyama article in The Japan News
On April 30 Koyama appeared in an article in Yomiuri newspaper. On May 17 that same article appeared in The Japan News, the english version of the same paper.


Sharing the english version here =>

1st-May-2014 12:07 am - Happy 30th Birthday Koyama!
birthday banner

Let’s celebrate Koyama Keiichiro!

Much love and best wishes to Koyama as he celebrates this milestone 30th birthday on May 1. He has achieved and endured a lot in getting to this point in his life and career and he is definitely poised to go on to bigger and better things.

He shared in NEWS RING tonight that he is looking forward to what his 30s will bring. So let’s join and support him in his public journey and wish him love and happiness in his private one.

Happy Birthday!

30th-Apr-2014 01:33 am - Koyashige drunk kissing
Hello! I have a question.

I just found this one k-chan news episode where Shige was the guest and one listener said she was very surprised when in some interview Shige said he'd kissed Koyama before. Apparently they asked him about kissing scenes in dramas and such and that's when he said it. They discussed it on the radio a bit but I wanted to know if anyone knows which interview that was.

Edit: I found it! Here's that part:

S: No, no! I don't want other members see my kissing face at my wedding! (laugh)
T: But Kei-chan, you've/we've seen Shige kissing before, right?
K: Eh? We did? (laugh)
S: Well, me and Koyama actually kissed before (laugh)
T: Ahahah!

Popolo 2013.01

They also discussed it in more detail on the radio. I have translated the whole segment and added the recording here: Kちゃん NEWS 2013.02.20

But I have to warn you that you may never see this band in the same way again. Also just letting you know that the whole kissing incident very much involved Tegoshi.
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