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Only Exception

Pairing: KoyaShige / TegoMass
Genre: Comedy / Angst / Romance/AU
Rating: PG in general, NC-17 for this chapter
Disclaimer: We don't own NEWS or Johnny's Entertainment (we wish we do! Lolz.) Copyright 2010 by sixpetalblossom community.
Summary: Due to some unavoidable situation Shige was forced to enter university  disguised as a girl with the help of his bestfriend Tegoshi whose got personal issues as well. When their paths become intertwined with Koyama and Massu, things start to become a bit complicated.
[info]shigemi_chan  and [info]caserine 

I apologize for the unconventional way I'm posting this update. LJ kept on giving me an error message when I try posting the entire update in one go so I just worked around it. Bear with me please.

Guys Installment 5 is divided into two parts. MAKE SURE YOU READ BOTH  PLEASE. Thank you

Forewords )
Installment 1 )
Installment 2 )
Installment 3 )
Installment 4 )
Installment 5- part1 )

Installment 5 -part2 )
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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