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The Trouble with Shige (News gen fic PG-13)

 Title: The Trouble with Shige
Author: kaminikaku  
Characters/Groups: News, Shige, Massu, Koyama
Genre: Friendship with a touch of angst
Rating: PG13 due to alcohol abuse
Disclaimer: Not mine, they are their own persons, etc.
Warnings: None really!
Author's Notes: Massu and Shige have a regular routine when catching up over dinner. When alcohol is involved, Massu knows that Shige is worried about something, and he then does his best to discover what is troubling Shige.
Thanks to my beta for handholding and checking, and encouragement. I hope you enjoy this, I had lots of fun writing it!
This was originally written for sanjihan as part of the the JE Just Friends fic exchange, which was an absolute blast to be part of of, and produced some lovely fic to read as well. Go see what I mean here.

( Massu checked his wallet once, and then again, just to make sure. Yes, it was completely empty. There was absolutely no help for it, he was going to have to call ... the one person that Shige had forbidden him to call. )
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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