Ivonne (ivonnemcgruder) wrote in koyashigedake,

Nyanta and Nana reports ~ NEW LAYOUT & PROFILE


Heathers by silver881 @ private_x_love
Profile layout by okimiyage - color customized by ivonnemcgruder
LJ layout by fruitstyle - color customized by ivonnemcgruder
scans by koyashige guru inala

IvonneMcGrduer spent 6 hours color-customizing and she will be dreaming of html codes this night. She is also sorry, that the picture you members chose for the layout header made it only to the profile header post, but she thought, that since we´ve got such nice sexy contenporary scans it´d be better to use them.

I hope you all like the new look ♥
Tags: *mod post, fanwork : layout

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