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FIC Prompt Suggestion? Anyone interested?

Hello KoyaShige fans!

I've been wanting to write a bit more KoyaShige fic recently, and I know that last year we had a few fic prompts... I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would be interested in doing something similar again?

Given the fact that time is precious, and with the number of exchanges popping up as well, I thought the monthly prompt might be a bit too short timewise for people...so I was thinking maybe every second month?  So, aim for mid-March?  Of course, I imagine everyone would be happy to read more KoyaShige fic regardless of when it appears!

As it's a prompt and not an exchange, it's completely free choice in terms of rating, length, topic, genre....anything goes!

In terms of prompt, I thought keeping it as open and varied for approach as possible was a good idea, and I wanted a single word....so.....


Did Shige in bunny ears give you an idea?  Do you think seeing Koyama in a suit every week has had an effect on KoyaShige in the bedroom?  Do you watch Sha La La Tambourne PV over and over again?  Do you think Koyama has a secret favorite outfit?  Would Shige fall for a Koyama in uniform?  If they weren't Johnnies, would policeman Shige notice security guard Koyama?  Whether it's real or pretend, bedroom focussed or not, sweet or sexy, dramatic or for laughs, there are lots of directions you can choose......

So come mid-March, I shall be back to post a KoyaShige fic based on this cosplay prompt...hope to see some of you there!
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