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[Fic] Am I what you see me as?

Title: Am I what you see me as?
Author: Takara
Date Started/Finished: 2006-07-20
Pairing: Koyato
Rating: PG-13
Type: 1-shot

Note: Well, I did it. I guess can call this a sequel. I didn't plan on one. I hope this seemed suited enough. I mean for once I wanted to write something that didn't have a happy or somewhat happy ending. It's not fun if eevrything has a happy ending. Guess you can say I'm trying to expand my writing somewhat. ^^;;; However I wrote this so that I wouldn't be poked later for a sequel to "You Are My World" (even though the former is better than this). Okay, okay, I'll stop my rambling. Enjoy and thank you for reading!



Shige watched the doorway as if he’s expected to see a shadow pass through the hallway and a figure stand before him that would say “I was just kidding!” , but no, seconds turned into minutes and nothing changed at all.


When it had gotten through to him that Kei wouldn’t be coming back, he rested his head on his knuckles, contemplating what had just taken place between the two of them.


“Love hurts you know.”


“You still didn’t answer my question. Am I the reason why you are hurting? What does love have to do with me being the reason why you are in pain?”


His eyes moved from the floor that he seemed to have concentrated his eyes, back to the doorway. They widened just a bit.


“Your eyes, they’re brown, bright, yet glassy. I sense a pain in them, like you’re looking at something that hurts you, and yet makes you happy….”




“To be fully honest with you, I am in pain. However, this is a pain in which I can’t stop from happening. This is a pain that no matter what, I will be drawn to.”


He began to shake as he replayed the scene in his mind. Out of habit, he moved his head back as he pictured the way Koyama’s eyes were so focused on him, looking bright as ever, yet looking like they want to cry out.


Shige fell against the counter, smacking his hand on it. The action of feeling foolish after something happened. His mouth opened as his eyes showed the shock he was in.


“Kei…” unknown to him, he said his name aloud. ‘I’ve got to find him.’ Slowly, but surely still trembling he managed to pick himself up. With a bit of stumbling due to his shock, he was able to make it down the hallway.


“Kei!” He called out as he opened the front door, looking left and right for him.


“Yes?” A voice said from under him. The voice belonged to Kei. It sounded strained and depressed.

Shige looked down and sighed. “What is it Shigeaki?” He then flinched at that. It’s not like Kei to tack on the ‘aki’ unless he was really down about something.


Shige closed the door behind him and sat next to Kei. After that there was silence with both of them looking at the trees. Kei was tensed as to what Shige had wanted and didn’t want to make an assumption. Shige likewise was as tense as to what he wanted to say, but whatever was on his mind, he needed to say it. Kei needed to know.


“Kei…” Shige spoke slowly, looking out at the trees out in front of them. “I don’t know if I’m jumping the gun or not, but what you said earlier led me to say this: I don’t feel the same way you do now, but I think with time and the way you are now, I might just fall for you.” He looked at Kei who still didn’t look back, but Shige could read Kei’s expression, even if it was just the profile view.


Kei didn’t notice that he took in a sharp breath of air. “I really might just fall for you.” Shige repeated, looking at him with all seriousness. “I could do that because you are you and you do have the personality that could draw me in and not release me. You are like the poisonous pomegranate that causes my skin to be scorched. Damn you for being that way. Kei, tell me, am I what you see me as?”


At that, Kei turned to Shige with the same look as he did a very short while ago. “Yes. Shige, you are my world. So you don’t feel the same way I do now. So what? Does that change how I feel for you? No. Not in the least bit. I see you as my world and I will not change that view for anything. You could hate me and I still see you that way. You are the reason I became more animate in the first place. I'll always owe you for that. You are my world, never forget that.”


They both stared at each other. There was nothing more to be said.


The end!

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