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Welcome to KoyaShigeDake (formerly Koyato)

Hello all!

As announced earlier the Koyato community has new caretakers and will be undergoing a bit of a makeover.

One of the major changes is that we have renamed the community. In order to better reflect their official sub-unit name, the name they call themselves, the name used in magazines and hopefully to make the community easier for new fans to find - welcome to KoyaShigeDake.

However, the change of name will not affect anything about the community, memberships, posts, comments etc, and members will still be able to find the community using koyato.livejournal.com.

We've also got a new theme and colour scheme to launch the revamped community. The Community Inf (profile) page and community rules have also been updated. Posts about KoyaShige individually are also welcome, but the only pairing allowed remains KoyaShige.

There are other plans in the works, so stay tuned!

And share the KoyaShige love!

haruka21  & inala 

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