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KoyaShige Radio Show Summaries

This week marked both Shige's return to his own regular radio show, as well as his latest appearance with Koyama on Kchan NEWS.

If you're interested in sending messages to either radio show you can find the details on their webpages.

SORASHIGE BOOK - has a message form
Kchan NEWS - gives the email address

Thanks to daelite  and newskattuneito  we also have summaries for both shows this week.

SORASHIGE BOOK - 2011.07.03

Read daelite 's run down of Shige's return to the radio here


Kchan NEWS - 2011.07.04

The below run down of this week's show is thanks to newskattuneito 

Are you saying tadaima to your pet? KOYAMA does!!!

Kchan NEWS 2011.07.04

First off, Koyama announced today was Massu's birthday and then our guest today is Kato Shigeaki - hehehe  They talked about Massu's age. They said Massu doesn't look like he is 25 years old, he looks younger than his age. Koyama said it's the opposite for Shige,  then he praised himself saying he also he looks younger than his age. Then they played NEWS' HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Massu.

They did SHIGEOTA again, though Shige doesn't seem to want do this corner anymore. The letters are a little bit ridiculous but Shige's reactions make this part really amusing and funny to hear. One of the letters said [the butai's title is June's Bitter Orange [6gatsu no bitter orange] but I'm watching it in July]. Shige apologised about that. hehehe.. Shige's reaction was like "otou.." and with his amused voice it made this part really funny.

Futsuota part - where the listeners asked their opinion  [which NEWS song would they use for a dance at their school festival, what song can a female dance to more easily, they thought they wanted to do a KOYASHIGE or TEGOMASU dance]. but Koyama said [maybe some people wouldn't know that song]... so they decided on Kibou~Yell~.  Shige talked about his school festival, and that they danced to V6's Wai ni natte Odoro. Koyama couldn't remember about his school at all … he was really surprised that he'd totally forgotten about it.

Next was my favourite part … a listener asked advice from KoyaShige about her worries. She asked [how should you react if your neighbour says to you "okaeri" when you come home from school? I don't know how to respond.] Shige admits that he's really weak when it comes to greeting others. Koyama totally agrees with that. Shige said [you know right, how bad i am]. Koyama said [if you think that Shige always talks like this, it's actually because this is a radio show, but normally he really finds it hard to talk to others, he's too shy~] Shige then talks about the situation when he's in an elevator, and he meets someone on the same floor … he's really too shy to greet others.

Shige complained [if I'm on elevator first, when someone else comes in, I help hold open the door. I hate it when they don't say thank you … I'm really happy if they say thanks, even just that]. Then Koyama asked [will you talk with your neighbour if they try and talkwith you?] Shige said he will show a "don't talk to me" aura and cover his face with his cap. But he said he would now he try to fix this.
Koyama [I'm totally the opposite. I'll greet others first.]
Shige [and you will do a high energy greeting to a neighbour?]
Koyama [yes, I'll send greetings back if someone greets me! So if someone says "okaeri" to me, I'll reply back "tadaima"]

Shige was really surprised about this because for him, saying "tadaima" to a neighbour is a little bit weird. For shige "tadaima" and "okaeri" is just used by wife and husband - [if you said to "tadaima" to neighbour, sounds like you already make out with that neighbour] ahhhhh Shige, you think that just by saying "tadaima"?!

But Koyama explains that it's already normal for him to respond to a greeting … and he suggested Shige should do the same. Shige replied [I don't want to say "okaeri" to a neighbour, but if it's to an OL (office lady) maybe it will be OK] Koyama said [It's OK right, if it's a person that we already know].
But Shige doesn't even say "tadaima" to his mother because he's too shy about it. Koyama agreed saying "I understand about that."

But, Shige said [when we had that surprise birthday party for you, you actually said "tadaima" even though you knew that nobody was at home]
Koyama replied [It's for Nyanta-kun, my cat]

kyaaaa kawaiii -  same as me ^_^

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