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Marching K fan art

YAY~ i finally finished the KoyaShige fan art I've been working on for Marching K
Due to my lack of time management skills i can't do these in color (-.-).
Therefore like my usual sketches they are on lined paper and drawn with pencil. art teacher hates the fact that i like to sketch on lined paper... but oh well. 

First up Shige~

sadly i didn't really capture the "Shige" in my brain

next up Koyama~ and this one i'm proud of (^^)v

and to make up for my bad Shige drawing here's some Chibiness

*the last bit that Shige says is "So don't run away" but the picture is dark so it's hard to see

Tags: fanwork : fanart, koyama, marching k, shige

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