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Marching K Fanfic: Till Old and Grey, Will We Part

Title: Till Old and Grey Will We Part
Author: fairy_illusions
Characters: KoyaShige (friendship)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own KoyaShige or JE sadly =/
Word Count: 819
A/N: Written for Marching K. I didn't think I'd have a chance to participate, but I was so inspired by the recent Popolo’s KoyaShige talk that I had to do something about it. Hope it doesn’t sound too cheesy or lame…I haven’t written fic in forever…=/ Anyway, YAY for the KoyaShige celebration =)

Koyama has always been a strong advocate of camaraderie within NEWS. Usually it flutters his little heart whenever he sees members supporting each other outside of their usual combinations. Like when Ryo pats Massu’s shoulder even if he wore an atrociously vibrant shirt or when Yamapi invites Tegoshi to go play some soccer video games because he knows he likes it. He was especially fond of it when he saw that all the members started fawning over Shige.

That was, until Koyama didn’t even get to hang out with his best friend since forever. He vaguely thinks Shige’s getting too popular for him.

The last time he hung out with Shige must have been at least a month, maybe even two, ago. He called Shige last night to invite him for a dinner and movie. Shige had pointed out that it was like Koyama was a needy boyfriend trying to plan out a date. He laughed along with Shige awkwardly. Shige never poked fun at their “dates” before. He even set ones up for Nyanta and Wagahai. He curses as to why Shige didn’t have a nikki for his drama this time around. Now even Nyanta couldn’t make an appearance in Shige’s life.

At the end of their call, Shige had said he was going to be out with Yamashita-kun and Ryo-chan for drinks and couldn’t partake in their rabu-rabu date. Since when did Shige call Ryo as Ryo-chan? Does Shige hang out with them so often that Ryo gave permission for Shige’s to call him as that?

He has to admit, he’s kind of jealous.

And so, he’s going to do something about it.

They meet for the Popolo interview and Koyama kicks his plan into action. He likes to call this the reunion of KoyaShige. They engage in some small talk about recent work before the interviewer comes and prompts them to begin. For having not seen Shige in a long while, he thinks this will prove to be tough.

“It’s kind of embarrassing to talk about friendship…” he starts, and then Shige laughs. It’s like back to those moments when he makes a blunder on something and Shige always teases him.

“We can talk about this without reserve, ne?” and Shige smiles at him, because even if they haven’t seen each other in forever, they’re still best friends since forever and it would never change.

He smiles back and engages in the crosstalk. Being a good conversationalist wasn’t just a backless title.

They chat without reserve and discuss the good and bad points of each other. They discuss their lack of time for meeting, plans for trips never actually taking place and how their dynamic work. It’s like there was never a gap of time that they hadn’t seen each other. Knowing exactly how each other has changed since their last encounter, how each other behaves.

“Our directions are different and that's why we can respect each other. Sometimes I talk to Shige about the things that are not clear and he delineates them for me. This is possible because we're two different people.” Koyama states and moves on to complimenting Shige for catching his misses. Shige, being himself, quickly turns shy and hushes him.

In the end, Shige settled the matter with a simple: “In the end we attract because of our good friendship too.” Koyama reassured that Shige hasn’t forgotten him in the midst of his busyness.


Later over the cooking takoyaki, Shige brings up their old stories to the interviewer.

“We have so many episodes together to tell, right?”

Koyama smiles and nods, watching Shige poke at the takoyaki and flipping them. “You mean that story, Shige-chan?”

And in tandem, they laugh and exclaim: “Yeah! Okinawa incident!”

The interviewer chuckles at their enthusiasm and jots down whatever they say about snorkeling and talking underwater and being stumped by each other’s gesticulations.  The craziness of the incident cannot even be described in words. Koyama can only express this sort of adventurousness with Shige as being the best.


As they leave the interviewing room, Koyama bumps shoulders with Shige, giving him a feral grin.

“Thanks for making all the takoyaki!”

“You just sat there and made me do all the work, as usual!” Shige whined lightheartedly

“Well, that’s how our combi works and you know we’re the best duo ever.”

“Sometimes I wonder…”

“Let’s go to Okinawa again! Summer’s not yet over and your drama’s filming is almost done! And no canceling on me again!”

And surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, Shige nods and says, “of course! Who else would a person go to Okinawa with other than his best friend?”

Koyama beams. He thinks this camaraderie between him and Shige will probably never get old. Even when they’re no longer idols and Wagahai and Nyanta dislike each other and they’re both old and grey and staring at the television with squinty eyes. Not even then.
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction, marching k

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