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Thank you again to everyone who was a part of Marching K and helped us celebrate 10 years of the KoyaShige friendship. The prize draw has been completed, so congratulations to all the winners.

Prize Winners

– KoyaShige in New York postcard sets – bluelilac20

– Koyama's Room 0 Point Book – effi_g

– Shige's Bitter Orange Scrapbook – bunny_alice

– KoyaShige Notebook – fairy_illusions

– Shige Notebook – hecate0211

– KoyaShige Notepad – shigefan1992

– Johnny's shop photos - erinteguchi, carmine_pink, shinku_love, wrenne25

Prizes were allocated through a random drawing of all entries. All prizes are now in the mail and on their way to everyone. Please be patient as they find their way all over the world.

Special thanks to those who donated directly, and combined with the additional donations from the community mods (based on the number of entries from the submissions), MarchingK has raised a total of ... 17 000¥!

Details of these funds being donated to Marching J will be posted shortly.

A big thank you once again to everyone who joined in our celebration of KoyaShige. Let's continue to celebrate them as often as we can!

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