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Koyama in Lucky Seven

As most people would have heard by now, Koyama has joined the cast of Lucky Seven. This is the 'Getsu 9', Monday night Winter 9pm drama on Fuji TV which starts on January 16.

The drama stars Arashi's Matsumoto Jun as Takita Shuntaro, as a member of a team of detectives who gets completely absorbed in his work. Koyama will be appearing as his younger and more sensible brother, Kojiro.

Fuji TV has updated their official pages for Lucky Seven and they can now be found at :

Ths site was updated today with details of the free PR exhibit available at Fuji TV Odaiba in the lead up to the show. This is where a fan recently snapped this character poster. Note that even though both Johnnys in the cast are pictured on the chart, they are both represented by their current 'offical' bio pics from Johnnys-net.

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