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'Pink and Gray' in English?

As everyone would be aware, Shige's first novel will be released on January 28 but only in Japanese. Wouldn't it be great to have the chance to read it in English?

So we decided to contact the publishers, Kadokawa, and ask if it would be possible? They replied:

"Although in this moment we don't have a plan to publish an English version of the book, we have found your request informative."

We were encouraged by their reponse and think it would be a good idea for people who are interested in reading Shige's novel in English to also contact them and let them know.

To send a message to Shige's publisher go to the below link.


This will take you to the Enquiry form entry page.

(right click for larger images)

Tick the checkbox to say you accept the conditions above. Then click the button to go to the feedback/enquiry form.

Sections marked with * must be completed - these are:

- type of enquiry

- feedback comment

- your name

all other fields are optional.

Select the Type of Enquiry

Choose whatever you feel is most appropriate or select Other. (The response we received had Publication Information as the subject header, so maybe that is the more correct option.)

Enter your comment in the comment box. Because we are requesting Shige's book be printed in English, it makes sense to make our requests in English as well. Perhaps mention 加藤シゲアキ  and 「ピンクとグレー」 but also mention 'Pink and Gray' in English as it is also the title on the book.

In the next section, enter your name. The form says a pen-name is okay. And entering your name in English is fine also.

There are two boxes for your name and you should enter the same information in both. The second entry is so that people who have entered their name in kanji above can enter it again in hiragana/furigana so that others will know how to read/pronounce their name.

This is one of the reasons that Shige gave for changing his name to シゲアキ - there is no confusion about how to read the kanji in his name anymore.

The rest of the options on the form are optional. An email address is only needed if you want to receive an answer to your comment/request.

The rest of the options enable you to enter your gender, age, occupation and location. They have an option to select that you are outside Japan.

When the form is completed, press the submit button.

This takes you to a preview of your message and allows you to review the form and either go back and edit or go on and submit.

When the form has been submitted a confirmation message and enquiry number will be displayed. This number will be in the subject line of any email response you receive from the publisher.

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