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Shige interviewed by Koyama for news every

Shige was interviewed by Koyama earlier this week for broadcast on news every for the release of 'Pink and Gray'.

The information was announced on the official Twitter for the novel, though at the time they did not have the exact details of the date it would air. They did confirm, however, that in preparation for the interview, Koyama read the book through 3 times.

Tweet from @pinkgray_book:

昨晩、汐留の日本テレビで加藤シゲアキさんの著者インタビューが行われました。番組は「news every.」、インタビュアーは小山慶一郎キャスター。なんと小山さんは取材前に3回も読破したとか! 放送日は詳細が分かり次第ツイートします。お楽しみに!(角川書店・編集担当T)

The date of the broadcast has now been confirmed on j-net as this coming Wednesday, February 1.

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