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[Fic]Hikikomori: I Love You (Chapter 1)

Title: Hikikomori-I Love You
Author: Takara
Date Started: 2006-07-11
Date Finished: unknown
Type: Chapter
Pairing: Koyato

Note: This is my first chapter fic! Actually, I’m rather nervous at how the response will be. I mean, this style is different than what I usually write. I’m aware that some might find this boring, but if you do, please stick with it, as I promise to make the fic more interesting!

 My kouhai (moist_kisses) says that if there’s any bashing then she’ll whip out her gun and fire at first sign, much like what Kei would do when Kusano tries to bother the koyato sexx00rs moment!^^

(From moist_kisses: WE HATE MARY-SUES!)


Chapter One: “Because I am Me”

Nagasaki prefecture…

“Well Keiichiro, what do you plan to do for yourself now that you’re 22?” 

It was dinner time at the Koyama household. Judging from the look of the house, one could tell that the family who occupied it was quite well to do. It was a traditional looking house, borrowing the look and feel of an ancient Kyoto castle, yet, there was the modern western feel to it as well. Despite the traditional look, there wasn’t an air of eeriness. No, not at all, but rather the house was more pleasant than the family that occupied it: the Koyama’s.

The 6 members of the family sat at the table eating their in silence. It was times like these in which there was peace with in the Koyama household. Well, all was silent until Kei’s father spoke up asking him his plans. Kei put down his utensils and kept his head down. He did not like the man he had to call “father.” The two men never really got along since his father believed that he was an elitist and Kei, for his part, was quite down to earth.

Taking the silence as a green light to continue talking, Kei’s father did just that. “You’re 22; shouldn’t you be doing something with your life?”

Kei looked up at his mother, and then to his siblings. He felt hurt being addressed like this. He was in his final year at Tokyo university, but Kei kind of sensed what his father meant by “plan.” For several years now, he’s heard his father mention “moving” and “apartment” when talking about him.

 “If you mean move out,” he finally said, “don’t worry about me. I won’t burden you any longer.” Kei looked at the now empty plate, wiping his lips. “Mother, thanks for such a great meal, but I need to go study for a test that I have to take tomorrow morning. Excuse me.” He got up from the table and headed to the kitchen.

“Keiichiro!” His mother called out, but Kei ignored the call and headed to his room.

Kei’s mother watched him leave and waited until his door was shut, before she turned to her husband. “Dear, what did you say that for? You didn’t have to be that rude!” She tried her best not to let her anger seep through in front of her kids.

“Satomi, Keiichiro is 22. He’s a man now. As a man, he should have his own place.” The words were said firmly, yet stubbornly.

Kei leaned his ear into his door to hear what was being said. His siblings got up from the table and headed into the kitchen, then to their rooms.

“Why can’t he stay here until he finds a place? He’s in school right now! Moving now would interrupt his focus on his schooling!” She placed a hand on her husband’s wrist, looking at him pleadingly. “Dear…”

Kei moved away from the door, and sat on his bed thinking about the recent conversation.

‘I shouldn’t let it bother me.’ He thought, opening a book and reading.

Some time had passed, and it was nearing 9 at night when a soft knock was heard. “Keiichiro?” His mother called out. “Are you very busy?”

“Come in, I’m not busy studying.” Kei turned from his desk to the door to greet his mother. She closed the door behind her, and sat on the bed.

“Come here, Keiichiro. I want to talk to you.”

Kei sat down next to her, sensing what she might want to talk about, wisely chose to stay quiet.

“Listen, about what your father said. Do not take his words to heart. You know we love having you here as role model for the younger ones. Keiichiro, your father isn’t the final authority and I’d be a fool to let him talk to you that way. You have a right-”

“Look, mother, its okay! I’ll find a place soon enough!” He opened a book and began reading.

“Keiichiro-” his mother began.

“Mother, it’s okay. I have a test tomorrow, and I should really study for it.”


“Mother, please! It’s okay.” He continued looking at his book, feeling his mother’s stare on him.

After a moment, she stood up and left the room saying, “Well then, good night Keiichiro.”

As soon as his mother closed his door, he went to his laptop and started looking for an apartment. ‘.I can’t deal with this much longer…’

2 weeks had gone by since his father had suggested for him to move out, and so far, Kei had no luck with finding anything at a decent price.

This night, as usual, the family was eating their dinner, when the father spoke up. “Keiichiro.”

Kei placed his utensils down and looked up at his father. “Yes father?”

“Have you found a place yet?”

Kei looked down at his plate that was ¾ eaten. “Well, have you?” His father asked again.

“No, I have not.”

“Then instead of enjoying dinner, you should be out hunting for a place to live!”

At that, Kei snapped at his father. “Just why are you in such a rush to kick me out? Do you hate me or something?! You do, don’t you?! JUST SAY IT INSTEAD OF BEATING AROUND THE BUSH!”

The father wasn’t about to have his son yell at him and not do anything about it. “YES, KEIICHIRO, YOU ARE CORRECT! Since you think you’re so bold, I’d like to see you use that same boldness out in the real world! Get out!!!!”

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock. No one had heard their father raise his voice like that.

Kei placed his hands on the table and looked at his father with a menacing look. “You think I won’t be able to find a place of my own? I’ll prove to you that I can stand on my own two feet!!”

With that, Kei left the house and over to a friends for the night. Early the next morning, he came back, showered and left for school.

When his classes was over, instead of taking the train that ran close by where he lived, he took another train and got off in Fukuoka.

Walking around, looking for an apartment building, a green sign caught his attention. ‘Wonder what that is…’ He thought. Approaching the sign, it read, “Apartment for rent. Please see manager for details.”




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