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[February] KoyaShige Ring of Love Fanfic Prompt

The KoyaShige Ring of Love Fanfic Prompts

It's been a while since we took over as mods of this community and while we have made some changes one of the things that we always enjoyed in the past were the fic prompts that were posted. So since February is the month of Love what better time for us to start them up again. The old prompting system worked nicely but since NEWSmile was revamped into NEWS RING we were inspired. 

This is the basic idea. Each month we will post Koyama and Shige's theme words from the NEWS RING Jweb as the prompt words. Generally there will be two words (one from each of them) per month. (For those that haven't caught up with NEWS RING it's a word game where each week a member takes the last syllable of the word from the previous week to start their word for the current week - and then they write on that theme.) 

Everyone is welcome to participate and write a fic inspired by any or all of these prompt words and post it to the community. The only requirement is that it must be about Koyama and Shige. Fics can be any theme or setting (canon, AU, etc.) and any rating or type (gen, porn, bromance, etc.). This is a monthly challenge but if something happens and you aren't finished before the next challenge is up, just post when you can. Each fic should include which month the prompt is from in the header and the prompt words in the fic notes or summary.

So without further ado ... we proudly present Koyama and Shige's first prompts. Written by their own hands.

Suit and Excessive Passion

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