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[fic] I want a love that isn't broken

I want a love that isn't broken
Title: I want a love that isn't broken
Author: Mali & Takara (malisvaart & greenjade05)
Characters: Koyama Keiichiro, Shigeaki Kato, + our original characters
Pairing: Koyato
Length: 8800 words
Rating: NC-17, it's mostly readable for all ages, only one scene that is NC-17
Comments: The fic takes place in the old times, you know, samurai's and geisha's :D Please do read! <3
To Takara: OH MY GOSS!!! I can't describe how much I love this fic asdjasdjksadj it's just so much LOVE! and Shige should stay Shigeyako forever!!! XD Just wait 'til you hear my Kusapi old times fic idea!!! :DDD *glomps* I l-o-v-e working with you!


One Spring day in Kyoto…

“Shigeaki, will you run over to the Samejima’s and deliver a few boxes of tea?” A young mother called to her son who was putting make-up on his sister’s face.

“Yes mother” Shige said and put the last finish on his sister make-up before picking up the tea heading for Samejima’s place.

Shige’s family owned a tea shop in the eastern part of Kyoto. “Oh, when you comeback, you have geisha lessons.” Not only was their family known for their tea, but for the fact that their son, Shige was pretty. Prettier than his own sister and so, with that said, his mom makes him take geisha lessons.

Shige nodded to what his mother had said and left the house. It was a sunny day, Shige got greeted by all sort of people. From young children to old men who had had him as a geisha more than only once. Entering the Samejima’s house he bowed and waited for the guy who was going to accept the tea.

Koyama Keiichiro, son of Mr. Samejima, had to go downstairs to get the tea since his father was sick. Arriving downstairs he saw a beautiful young man standing with the tea in his hands.

“Ah-” He stared at Shige. ‘My god, he’s really beautiful. Wonder if I can get to know him..’ Keiichiro thought.

Shige looked in Kei’s direction. “Is Mr. Samejima in?”

“Mmm…” Kei’s words were stuck in his throat. “He’s-he’s upstairs. Follow me.”

“Okay.” ‘I’ve never seen him before…who is he?’

“By the way, I’m Keiichiro, but call me Kei. You are…?”

“I’m Shigeaki, Shige for short…”

“Ah okay~ Shige then”

When Kei said it, it made Shige smile widely.

“In here…” Kei said and opened the door for Shige.

“Arigatou~” Shige said and bowed to Kei before entering the room. “Here is the tea you asked for Sir” he sat down in front of Mr. Samejima.

“Kei, run and get some money to this— beautiful young man” he waved a hand at his son.

“Yes” he bowed before he ran into the other room for money.

Kei handed the money to Shige who said his good-byes, bowed and left. Kei followed after him.
As Shige left out the front door, Kei grabbed his arm. “Erm…”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I was wondering about how often do you come?”

“As often as tea is needed.”

“Where do you live?”

“Well…my family runs a tea shop. Kato is my last name. Look me up, I’m not hard to find!” Shige began walking.

“Wait!” Kei called out to him.

“Can’t! I have some important stuff I have to do today!” Shige yelled back, not looking at him.

“… I will see you later then… sometime…” Kei kicked the ground, he hated it when people just left like that.

“I’m home” Shige shouted to his mother who was probably in the kitchen making food for his dad.

“Ah, good!” his mother came out of the kitchen. “Go and change, you and your sister is leaving in just a few minutes”

“Yes” Shige ran up the stairs, into his room and closed the door. No other boy liked being a geisha besides him. Not that it mattered, those who bought geisha’s did not think much about that he was a boy, they did him anyway. Between him and his sister, he did the dance and she played music.

Being the expert that he is, he got his clothes and make-up on in a matter of a few moments. Together, they headed out to their geisha school for their lessons. On their way there, Kei was all he thought about. Little did he know, but his sister was watching him.

“You’re thinking of someone, aren’t you?”

“En?! No, no, I’m not.”

“Yes you are. I can see it in your eyes. Someone has you bothered. You can’t let that happen anymore.”

“What do you mean anymore?” Shige raised a brow at her.

“You know… that guy dad had to kill in order for you to not love him anymore and continue on your geisha lessons—“ she was not able to say more before Shige snapped at her.

“SHUT UP!” to Shige, that subject was still very sensitive. Ignoring his sister for the reminding meters to the geisha lesson house, Shige imagined himself in Kei’s arms… He shook the day dream out of his head, mind screaming ‘You wouldn’t like to have him killed as well Shigeaki! If you think you will love him, leave it!’

His sister let Shige have his anger against her before calmly responding. “In any case, forget him. Don’t make dad kill anyone else. We have to stay focus. That is our job. Besides, whoever ‘he’ is, he’s not worth your time.”

Shige wanted to snap and say something else, but sister was too calm and refined for any of his words to bother her. “Fine,” He repressed himself bitterly. “Fine! I’ll forget him”

His sister didn’t smile at him. Just looked it was hard for Shige to have any sort of idea as to what she could be thinking. ‘Shigeaki,’ she was thinking. ‘I know you’re stubborn and I know you won’t forget.’

Waiting for their turn to preform their dance to the rest of the group, Shige stared out the window out in the small garden. Pictures of Kei’s lips saying ‘Shige’ was the only thing on his mind.

His sister grabbed him by the wrist, “It’s our turn” she got up followed by Shige.

As she started to play the music, Shige danced. He danced and danced and danced… ‘SHIGE!’ Kei’s voice screamed in his head and he fell. Not moving from the spot where he was laying, his sister came over to him.

“You okay?” she helped him up to a sitting position.

“I need some fresh air…”

“Let’s take a quarter’s break!” the woman who was leading the lessons said. “Tea will be served over here if you are thirsty, Shigeyako” that was what Shige was called when he was a geisha. “Go outside in the garden and get some fresh air~”

“Hai.” Shige bowed gracefully and left to the garden. Once he was there, he sighed, relieved that he was able to be outside and think to himself. ‘How could I have made a fool of myself in there? Kei…’ He thought of the way Kei smiled at him when they first met, but he also thought about his sister’s warning.

“Shigeyako, what is bothering you?” The teacher came outside and sat by him. “Normally, you are excellent at dancing, but today you seemed troubled.”


“Shigeyako, whatever it is, you must put it aside and focus on your dancing! I don’t want to see you making the same mistake when you come back in there!” The teacher gave him tough love. “Now collect your thoughts and put them away!”

“Yes my lady…” Shige bowed his head. ‘Put away your thoughts! Focus on your dancing! Weren’t people allowed to love?’

That night Shige did not sleep much. He kept rolling form side to side, just thinking about Kei. He had to see him. Now!

Shige got up and swung a black cloak over his head and shoulders before he left the house like a ghost in the night. Hiding away from strangers’ eyes, Shige did use less time to Kei’s house then he had thought. Walking backwards a few steps he bumped into something or someone… ‘Please let it be a something’ Shige thought as he turned around.

“Shige?” Kei lifted Shige’s hood up.

“My god, it is you! What are you doing out this time of night?”

“I-” He began, but was cut off by Kei.

“Shh! Ouick! The guards are making their rounds!” He pulled Shige to a safe corner. “Now what are you doing out?”

“I should ask you the same thing.”

“I wanted…tea.”

“At this time of night?”

Kei blushed, embarrassed, but grateful it was dark out.

“Yeah. Hey, you haven’t answered my question.”

Was Shige going to be honest or lie? He took a deep breath, leaning closer to Kei he whispered, “To see you…” Darn, he had to leave. Now! Or else he would put Kei in huge danger. Taking his last look at Kei, Shige ran of without a warning.

Kei was stunned. “Shige!” He called after him and gave chase. “Wait! Come back!” However, Shige wouldn’t stop. Suddenly, Shige went into a place. Kei stopped and looked up. ‘Kato Family Teashop. So this is where Shige lives.’

Feeling knocked down, Kei turned and headed home. ‘I hope I can talk to you again, Shige. I want to know why you ran from me. I wanted to see you too.’

Shige entered his home quietly, but was shocked when his sister appeared. She seemed to have been waiting for him. “Why did you leave at this time of night? Was it to see the one on your mind? It was, wasn’t it?” She hissed at him. “Shige! What did I just tell you?! How can you do something really foolish like that?! If father finds out, the one on your mind is dead!”

Shige did not have anything to reply to that. He took of his cloak as he walked into his room, followed by his sister. “Don’t you love someone sister?” he turned around to look at her.

”Of course not, and neither should you!”

“What if…” Shige touched his chest where the heart was. “What if I can’t help it?”

“Do you want to witness your loved ones death again? Do you want to see his soul leave his eyes by your father’s sword?”

“DON’T REMIND ME!” Shige yelled. Images of his last lover flashed before his eyes. Falling down onto his knees Shige let tears run down his cheeks. “LEAVE! Let me be…”

As his sister turned to leave, their mother came out. “Just what is going on here? Shigeaki, where do you get off yelling at your sister?”

“Tell mom what’s going on, Shige!”

Shige looked at their mom and at his sister. He knew he couldn’t say that there was someone he cared for, because his mom would agree with the idea of killing the guy. ‘Why can’t I be free to love? Why does the one who loves me have to die? Why am I so cursed?!’

“Shigeaki, tell me what’s going on?” Their mom asked firmly.

“It’s nothing.” He said and looked away.

“If it’s nothing, then you have no reason to yell at your sister.”

At that point Shige got up and walked to his closet. Roughly pulling out his geisha dress he threw it on the floor screaming, “I DON’T WANNA BE A GEISHA! I WANNA—“ he took the ribbon out of his hair. “Love…”

His mother had her hand on her chest, caused by the fact that her son was screaming at her. “Shigeaki… tha—“

“I AM A GUY!” he took away the make-up in his face with the arm on his kimono.

His mother wised up. “That is enough!!!” She turned Shige in her direction and slapped him hard. The impact knocked him on the floor. Shige held the side of his now red bruised face. “We’ve worked so hard to put you and your sister through the geisha school.”

She began crying. “YOU begged your father and me to allow you to learn the ways of the geisha. We agreed because we saw how beautiful you really are. So don’t tell me you don’t want to be a geisha! This is what YOU asked for! Now, YOU deal with it! Leave!”

Shige and his sister watched as their mom left the room in anger. His sister looked at him, shaking her head. She, too, left the room. Crying, Shige got up, quickly cleaned himself up and left the house. ‘Where can I go?’

The night air was cold. So darn cold. Shige looked around, all the houses were dark… he had been thrown out from his home, he was never to return. Hiding behind a wan, he closed his eyes. Had he gone too far? Should he apology? No… that would be too weak, and his father would rather kill him then having a weak son. Walking around the alleys, Shige found a place where heat came out from a bar. Sitting down he made sure he would not be seen so easily.

The morning sun warmed up Shige’s frozen face. Opening his eyes slowly, Shige tried his best to move, but he was to frozen to do so. He knew he had to be moving soon, but he could not.

Walking back from the store with today’s groceries for the breakfast, Kei noticed a figure sitting behind some pillars outside his cousin’s bar. Walking over Kei recognised the boy immediately. “Shige!”

Kei set his stuff down and gently shook Shige’s body. “Shige! Shige! Wake up!” Slowly, Shige looked up.

“Kei…” He smiled. “Help me sit up.” Kei did as told, supporting Shige’s tiny waist. “What are you doing here?” He asked after he felt very comfortable in Kei’s arms.

“This time I should ask you that! What on earth are you doing here alone?”

“I…I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You look pale. Come with me to my place and I’ll fix you something to eat.” He tugged on Shige’s hand.

Kei was ecstatic that he was holding Shige’s hand. It felt good. It felt right. ‘Still,’ He wondered. ‘Why were you out here alone?’

Sitting down by a table in Kei’s room, Shige waited for the older boy to come back.

“Here” Kei said placing a plate with food on in front of Shige. He stroke Shige’s face. “Why were you out there?...” Sure Shige had told him he did not want to talk about it, but it bothered him that he did not know.

Shige took a bite of his food and ate it in the graceful way of a geisha.

“…” Kei’s eyes travelled from Shige’s eyes down to his lips. He was so gorgeous. Not one mistake was to be found. The black hair looked like silk.

Finishing his meal quickly, Shige placed his hands in his lap, politely bowing. “Arigatou”

“Shige…” Kei placed a hand over the others hands. “Did some one hurt you?” he was talking about the red cheek.

“I…” He began, but was ashamed of what happened and how Kei might react. ‘How can I tell him that I’m a geisha?’

“It’s okay. Don’t feel ashamed. I want to know. Shige, I want to know you.”

Shige couldn’t really give anything away without mentioning that he is a geisha. Would Kei take advantage of him because of it?

”Please… let me know you!”

Shige looked away. “Let me have a moment…” he got up and ran back to his house. Grabbing his geisha outfit he ignored the calls from his sister. Dressing up in the alley just outside Kei’s house, Shige walked back in. Fully dressed up as a geisha. Opening the door he said “I am coming in now…”

“Just come~” Kei said and turned around to see Shige dressed up as a geisha.

Closing the door behind him, Shige looked at the floor. “This is who I am…”

Shige closed his eyes, not seeing the lust ridden look in Kei’s eyes. Silently as possible, Kei moved to him, standing in front of him, tilting his face to meet his. “You’re beautiful.”

Shige opened his eyes, meeting Kei’s. “Can I kiss you?” He asked the geisha, looking at his eyes, and then to his lips.

Replying to Kei’s question by placing his lips softly on the others lips, Shige closed his eyes again. He felt light. Very light.

Kei placed his hands carefully on Shige’s shoulders, slowly and lovingly kissing the geisha back.

Gently, Kei moved them to the floor, making sure Shige felt no pain as he touched the floor. He tilted Shige’s head and kissed the area under his chin and jawline. Meanwhile, his right hand moved to find Shige’s chest. Once it did, it found Shige’s right nipple, twirling it, making Shige arch his back, moaning in pleasure.

His left hand held Shige’s left hand as they kissed again. ‘Do you want to witness your loved ones death again? Do you want to see his soul leave his eyes by your father’s sword?’ Suddenly, his sister’s words rang in his head again, ‘causing Shige to say “Stop! Stop it, Kei!”

Kei let go alarmed. “Shige, what’s wrong?”

“I…” He sat up, clenching his outfit, crying. Kei put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Don’t touch me!”

Now it was Kei’s turn to say ’I…’ his hand left Shige’s shoulder.

“I can’t” Shige looked down at the floor. “Love you…”

“Shige…” Kei lifted Shige’s chin up, cleaning his face with his own kimono. “Let me be your man ‘cause you’re a guy”

That made Shige smile a little, “But I’ve… I swore to be a geisha…”

“Doesn’t matter!” Kei grabbed Shige on the upper of his arms and shook him gently. “I will buy you!”

‘Oh how I wish that money was the only problem.’ Shige looked away. ‘Kei…you really don’t know what you’re up against. I want to be yours, but I can’t. I’ve fallen for you when I really shouldn’t have. I got kicked out of my home because I couldn’t keep my heart in check, when I really can. I have to get away from you, or else you’ll die! Even if my heart dies, I want you to live.’

“Shige, I told you I want to know you. I want to know everything about you. Now matter how long it takes, I will buy you!”

Now, to be honest, it wasn’t just Shige’s father that is a problem, but the fact that Shigeyako is an extremely popular geisha. “Kei, that’ll be a challenge, since I’ve got a lot of admirers.”

“Still, for you, I’ll take on that challenge. I like you, no, I fell for you.”

Shige could not help but to cry more. Why did Kei have to fall for him? Why?! “Kei… why are you so wonderful?” he cried.

Not knowing the answer to that, Kei just brought Shige in for a warm embrace. “We could run away! Just you and me… we could let everyone know we’re dead… I could fake a house fire and we could run!”

“House fire? What about your mom and dad? How can you explain that to them?”

“Mmm…that’s true.”

“Kei…tell me something about you.” Shige had wanted to know about his love.

“I’ll tell you something that I never like to talk about, but for you, I’d tell you everything that you want to know. In all honesty, I’m adopted. My mom, who was an extremely close friend of the Samejima’s, had died when I was only 2 weeks old, and so the Samejima’s took me in. They see me as if I came out of Mrs. Samejima’s womb. I’m eternally grateful that I have a family that took me in, even though I’m the only one they have. I’m also eternally grateful for my lover that is with me and for whom I’ll work as hard as I can to be with freely.” He kissed the back of Shige’s neck, and caressed his hand.

“Ngh… don’t do that Kei” Shige whispered and pushed Kei away.

“Keiichiro!” a man voice called from outside the door. “Who’s in there with you?”

”Oh shoot…” Kei looked from Shige to the door. “I have—“ he whispered ‘sorry’ to Shige before he ripped Shige’s kimono up and placed him below him. “Geisha visit”

Mr. Samejima opened the door and saw his son sprawling over a geisha. “I see” his step dad raised a brow. “Isn’t it that boy who delivered tea yesterday?”

“Un… he’s also a geisha a—“

“Please don’t try to explain Keiichiro, I know you fancy—“ he lowered his voice. “Men”

Kei just looked away as his step dad had said ‘men’. “Can I continue now?...”

“Yes, by all means, but would you mind keeping it down and… how did you get a geisha at this time of day anyway?”

“Never mind dad…”

“Ah, well… have fun!” Mr. Samejima bowed and closed the door as he left.

Kei turned his attention away from the door and back at Shige. “What’s wrong?”

“I hate when people act like that…”

“Like what?”

“Disgusted. Yes, I know I’m a boy, but I like being a geisha too. Am I weird for that reasoning?”

“No, you aren’t.”

“Kei, all the time I hear people say ‘I’ll buy you!’, ‘I’ll buy you!’ and not once can I complain because I’m a geisha and I musn’t complain.” He stood up. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have told you that and neither should I have fallen for you. Neither should you have fallen for me. I hate when I have feelings for someone.”

Kei grabbed Shige’s arm as the boy moved to the door, pulling him back into his embrace. “Why can’t we have feelings for each other?”

”You’ll die” Shige cried.

Kei’s heart stopped beating, and he pulled away, looking at Shige. “Why? Why will I die?”

“My dad” Shige sniffed “Will kill you… he’s… he wants me to be… he doesn’t allow me he’s—“

“Huuush” Kei placed a finger over Shige’s lips.

“But he will kill you if he finds out!”

“He doesn’t have to know, we can hide it, we could avoid showing of together in public!”

“He’ll find us, you don’t know what he can do! He— made me watch…”

“Watch what?” Kei lifted Shige’s chin up.

“My lover die”

Shige’s tears came out faster than before. “I don’t want you to go through with what my former lover had to go through. I can’t bare to see you die because of this. You have to understand that my father is hell bent on keeping my sister and I focused on our geisha studies. I want you to live. Kei, I really want you to-” Kei cut him off by kissing him deeply.

“I’m not letting you go.” Kei said after they broke apart. “I’ll put up a fight to keep you with me.”

“Kei…” Shige closed his eyes and pushed some distance between them. “You don’t know my father. He will kill with out second thought, nor mercy. He never feels bad about killing, for he loves to see his sword drenched in blood, and he also loves to hear the cries of those he just slain. Please… please let me go…”

Could it get more complicated? Kei thought before he got up. “Stay here” and with that he left the room. What he had not told Shige was that Kei had been trained by the best samurai there was. His cousin’s father was the best samurai for miles, and Kei had been taught to be just as good. Kei had been in many battles and he had never got cut, nor was anyone even near to cut him. Ever. Getting his sword Kei headed for Kato’s house.

“Mr. Kato!” Kei shouted from outside the house.

Mr. Kato came out the house at the sound of the challenging voice. As he looked at Kei, a glint was in his eye. “Well, well, well, Koyama Keiichiro. What a surprise…” He said rather smugly. Still, Kei stood his ground, not moving, not feeling the least bit of fear. “What’s the reason for the visit? Are you after my daughter?” He drew his sword. Kei, likewise did the same thing. “Or…could it be you’re after my son? Don’t think I don’t know about Shigeaki being with you. He’s my son and there’s no way in hell that I’ll let you have him! I will not let his reputation be tainted by the hands of a street rat!”

“Street rat huh?” Kei narrowed his eyes. “For your information” Kei flicked his hair. “You should be glad I haven’t done this sooner, you killed my father and left my mother to die from a broken heart!”

“You’ve done your homework” Mr. Kato smirked.

“How could I not?” Kei took a step forward. Now they had audience. People were standing in their windows or door ways, looking out at the scene.

Mr. Kato cocked a brow at the young man. “You think you can defeat me?”

“With my eyes blindfolded I could also, but that would be a death without honour from your side, die by the hands of a blindfolded 21 year old!”

Mr. Kato had had enough of the talk, he raised his sword and hit after Kei.

They swung the swords at each other, feet moving gracefully like dancers in a stage play. Kei crossed his feet, moving to the left, slashing Mr. Kato’s left arm, making him drop to the ground.

Quickly, Mr. Kato went to slash Kei’s legs, but the boy was faster to move away. Mr. Kato got up and lunged himself at Kei, only to have the younger boy trip him. His own sword went through his clothing, cutting the side of his body.

Kei went up to him as he clenched his body. He spoke solemnly and sternly. “I won. Shige belongs to me. I will never let him go, nor shall anyone take him away from me.”

“Kill me then.”

“I could kill you.” He still used that tone. “But, it would wound Shige deeply and probably, he wouldn’t be able to bear with your death. I always think of him before I think of me. Please allow him to love me.”

Mr. Kato said nothing, but nodded his head, shamed that he lost.

Little did he know, but Shige was right behind him. “Kei… Father…”

“Shigeaki…” Mr. Kato spoke up. “It’s alright…”

Shige ran over to where his father was standing. “Are you alright?” ‘Even you can see he is not fine Shigeaki, he’s bleeding!’ his head spoke to him. “Let me help you…” Shige took his father’s arm and hung it over his shoulders. “… I will get you something for the wounds, just hold onto this…” Shige said and made his dad grab a pole.

Running inside Shige would not be aware of what happened outside. His father kneeled down on his knees, took a dagger up from behind his kimono and stabbed it into his stomach. He was not to live with the fact that he got defeated by a 21 year old. Never!

Shige came outside again, just to see his father bending forward… In front of his father he could see a blood pool… and Kei…

“KEI!” Shige yelled as he ran over to his father. “What have you done?!” he had tears in his eyes now. “Father! Can you hear me?! FATHER!!”

His mom and older sister came out. “What on earth happened?!” They both said, helping Shige out.

“FATHER!!!” His sister screamed, clutching the outer layer of his outfit.

“Please tell me you’re alive! Please tell me you’re alive!” His mother cried out, holding his hand.

No matter what they did, Mr. Kato’s eyes wouldn’t open anymore. “FATHER!!!” Shige screamed, not wanting to accept that his father his dead.

Kei bent down and placed his hand on Shige’s shoulder, to comfort him. Shige shrugged him off, and pushed him on the ground. He grabbed Kei’s clothing. “Kei! You killed my father!! How could you do this? How could you kill him? How dare you!! I never want to see you again!!”

“Shige, no! Listen, I-”

“GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” Shige turned and went to hug his mom and sister.

Kei hung his head in defeat and walked away.

As the body of his father was carried inside, Shige saw something sticking out of his father’s stomach. It was a dagger. Shige pulled it out and looked at it. It was his dad’s. His dad had committed suicide for the sake of his own honour. Kei… Shige looked in the direction where Kei had gone. Kei was innocent! Dropping the dagger on the ground Shige ran after his beloved one.

Back home Kei had told his father how the battle had went, he of course, was very proud of Kei. Kei himself on the other hand was heart broken. Was he going to die the same way as his mother had? Of a broken heart? Kei walked out in the garden and sat down by the small waterfall. He cleaned his sword and hung it back in place over his bed in his room. Returning to the garden Kei had brought himself a cup with poison. If Shige was never to forgive him because he did not want to listen or believe in the truth, why should he live?

Shige ran into the Samejima’s house, calling out Kei’s name. “Kei! Kei! Where are you?”

“What…Shigeaki, what are you doing here?”

“Where is Kei?” Shige asked, trying to catch his breath. Mr. Samejima could feel the desperation in his voice.

“He went to the garden. Go out through the back.” Shige did as directed and dashed through the back door. He spotted Kei sitting down. “Kei!!!” He called him, but it seemed that Kei didn’t hear him.

“I can’t live knowing that my love believes I killed his father and hates me for it. I don’t want to live if he doesn’t want me.” He picked up the cup of poison.

”KEI!” Shige shouted.

As the cup touched Kei’s lips he finally heard Shige call from the door. Kei turned around. “Shigeaki…”

Hurrying over to where Kei was sitting he wrapped his arms around Kei’s neck, hugging him tight. “I love you, I really do! I know you didn’t do it, I am sorry!” Either it was Kei who made Shige cry easily or it was him being emotional, but he cried once again. “I’m truly sorry” he broke the hug and kissed Kei over and over again on the lips. “I didn’t mean any of those things I said, I’m so sorry—”

”Hush…” Kei said and brought his arms up Shige’s back, dropping the cup of poison on the ground. “I’m glad you decided to believe the truth” he said before he kissed Shige passionately. Drying away Shige’s tears as he brought him down onto his back, Kei smiled into their kiss.

Without breaking the kiss, Kei lifted him up and carried his love to his room, though a few times on the way, they stopped and made out. Kei walked into his room and gently lay Shige on the floor.

Without breaking the kiss, Kei lifted him up and carried his love to his room, though a few times on the way, they stopped and made out. Kei walked into his room and gently lay Shige on the floor.

Even though Shige had been had loads before, this experience was new for him. He felt loved.

Kei slide the kimono of Shige’s shoulder, kissing it lightly. Pulling it down Shige’s other shoulder, Kei moved to kiss and lick his lovers collar.

He moved up from the collar, to the neck, delicately kissing it, so as not to leave a mark. Likewise, he did the same to the jaws, face, and ears. At that moment, Kei treated him like a porcelain doll. This was someone extraordinarily special to him and he wasn’t about to let Shige walk out of his life.

Kei’s touches made him gasp over and over. Never has anyone treated him gently. It made him love Kei even more.

Opening Shige’s kimono completely, Kei moved in between his legs, making sure the other were not being hurt.

Hanging his arms lazily around Kei’s neck, Shige moved up to kiss him sweetly. For once it felt good to be in someone else’s arms.

As they kissed in deep, deep passion, Kei’s hands roamed Shige’s chest. He broke their kiss, enjoying the way Shige’s lips were parted. ‘For me…only for me.’ He thought contently. His eyes moved down to where his hands were and stared at Shige’s chocolate coloured nipples.

“Cute…” The word just slipped out of Kei’s mouth. “Shige, know that I’m your admirer as well.” He bent and kissed one of the nipples, and felt more encouraged to ravish them, by Shige’s moans and gasps.

Throwing his head back, Shige clawed onto Kei’s pretty skin. Did not matter how many times he had done it before, he had never felt so good.

Kissing his way down Shige’s chest, Kei still played with the others nipples. Then to move up to kiss his lover again, Kei removed his kimono, sticking his tongue inside Shige’s warm mouth, making their tongues dance.

Shige felt Kei’s hands touch his thighs, teasing him, making a tingling sensation. His hands moved up and down Kei’s back in pleasure. Kei broke their kiss and started kissing his stomach. Shige began to laugh at being tickled. Kei smiled and kissed his stomach.

“Stop-stop tickling-me!” He gasped out.

“Aww! You have such a cute laugh!” Kei tapped his lover’s nose.

“Heh…” Shige looked away, blushing. “Just continue…” he said before he pushed Kei down to his lower body again.

“As you wish” Kei grinned and started to stroke Shige’s member up and down slowly.

“Ah~” arching his back, Shige closed his eyes in pleasure.

His toes curled tightly when Kei kissed the tip of his member. To be honest, sex scared him. At first he was curious of what it would feel like, but as time went on and so did customers, he saw that they only cared for themselves. Shige had never gotten any pleasure that wasn’t forced out of him. Kei was the first to awaken that sexual desire in him to say, “I want you.”

“Kei!” He gasped as Kei started sucking on his member.

“You’ll have me when I am done with you” Kei sent Shige a smile before he continued his sucking. Kei had done it before. But he never bought a geisha so he could have himself some pleasure, instead he had loads of ex-es. Considering Shige as his lover, Kei treated him like one.

Shige’s eyes travelled down the other boys face and figure, “You’re so handsome, ah~” Kei had taken him in whole.

The geisha moaned loudly at the feeling of being deep throated. Kei moved his head up and down, wanting to give his lover pleasure that he deserves to feel. Shige tossed his head side to side as his fingers tangled in Kei’s messy hair. “Oh~Kei..I-I Unnnnnnnh!” He let himself go in his lover’s mouth.

Kei swallowed it the way he would swallow water; as if it was good for him. Shige lay there, panting, flushed. “Did that feel good?” he was asked.

“Mmm hmmm…” A smile came to his face.

“I want to give you more pleasure, if you’ll let me. If you don’t want to, it’s okay.”

Shige grabbed Kei by the over arm, dragging him up. “Connect us…”

It took Kei a second to figure out what Shige had meant. Inserting himself inside Shige he let out a delight moan. Shige too moaned, pressing his head down onto the thin mattress.

Once he was fully in him, he grabbed the boy’s hips and slowly thrust in to him. I didn’t take long for Shige to ask him to move quicker. His hands left the hips and moved to the shoulders, grabbing them gently, pressing his chest against Shige’s. He kissed him on the lips, neck and ears.

He reached down and grabbed Shige’s hips, turning him over and doing him that way. “Oiiiiiii~unnn!!” Shige let out moan after moan, after moan. His butt felt hot from slapping against Kei’s hips so fast and so often.

Kei reached for Shige’s member, running his hand up and down. “Kei…!!” Shige tossed his head back and let himself go. Hearing the way Shige said his name made him have his own passionate release in him.

After several minutes, Kei slowly pulled out of his lover and laid him down gently. Kei spooned him and pulled the sheets over them.

That afternoon Kei let Shige sleep. And Shige slept and slept until dinner was served.

Kei sat down beside his sleeping lover and stroke his cheek, whispering into his ear. “Shigeaki… I have brought dinner for you love~”

Being a morning person, Shige woke up by the touch of Kei’s hand. Mumbling something, Shige sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“Wakey, wakey now!” Kei kissed his cheek and smiled at him. Shige returned the smile, said his thanks and began eating the way he usually does, with the utmost grace.

Kei didn’t eat. He just sat and watched the beautiful geisha eat. Shige felt the stare and began to blush. “My Shige is so beautiful!” Shige blushed even harder and didn’t say anything. He also noticed the emphasis on 'my.'

“Hey, why don’t you stay with me tonight? I don’t want you to leave, not at all.” He said after most of Shige’s dinner was finished. As an answer, Shige nodded, because that was what he wanted as well.

But their plan did not go as they had thought. Shige’s mother was being upset over the fact that Shige was being her husbands killer just after the murder. So, she had been searching for someone who had enough money to buy Shige, in that way, Shige could not be with Kei anymore.

After hours of searching she found a guy who had enough money to pay for her son. He was a lot older then Shige, but anything but Kei would do. Agreeing that he could go and get Shige at Kei’s place, he gave her the money for her son.

Kei was cuddling Shige is his arms. His room was lit by a single candle. “Something wrong?” He could feel that Shige was troubled by something.

“I’m just thinking...”

“About what?”

“I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to deal with my mom and sister anymore. I want to stay here with you!”

“You don’t have to go home. I’m not letting you leave me at all!” He kissed a side of Shige’s neck. Both boys smiled at each other before a ‘BANG!!!’ and a scream of “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” was heard.

The couple broke apart and went to see what is up. Kei grabbed his sword. “I’ll be right back.”

He opened his door and saw his mom and dad, crouching over in pain. He went over to them. “Are you okay?!”

“We’re fine. We’ll live.” Kei’s mom had said.

“Who did this?!”

“Well, if it isn’t my dear little Keiichiro.” Kei looked up at the sound of the voice.

“Who are you?” Kei asked raising his sword.

“Yukio” he smirked “And I am here to get my geisha”

Kei narrowed his eyes at the man. What did he mean by his geisha? The only geisha in this house at the moment was Shige, and Shige was his!

“I’ve paid for him, now give him to me kid!”

“Not in a billion years!”

“Well… you have no choice now do you? I have bought him… SHIGEAKI!”

Kei kept silent, just waiting for Shige to arrive downstairs. Shige came walking down the stairs a few moments later. Kei grabbed him by the wrist and kept him protectingly behind himself. “Do you know that man?!” he asked Shige.

“No, not at all!”

“Aww, but Shigeaki,” Yukio said in a sick and twisted cooing voice, “I paid for you. Your mom and I made quite a nice deal and it would be such a shame for it to sour like this.” He played with his fingers, looking innocent, waiting to hear Shige’s reaction.

“My mom did what?! I don’t believe you!!”

“No?” He held out a paper and immediately, Shige knew his mother’s handwriting.

“I-I can’t believe this!”

“Oh, but it’s true. Now,” he looked at Kei, “move aside Koyama, or else I’ll hurt your parents.”

“Kei, do as you’re told. Don’t let them get hurt.”

“Shige…are you sure?”

Regrettably, Shige nodded his head. Yukio smiled in satisfaction. “You heard him. Move.”

Kei sent Yukio a death glare before he unwillingly left go of Shige’s hand and moved aside.

Yukio pushed Kei more aside and grabbed Shige roughly by the wrist. “You are not to see Koyama again, understood?!”

Shige looked at Kei with fare and tears in his eyes, screaming ‘Help me!’ inside his head.

“UNDERSTOOD?!” Yukio yelled.

Kei nodded his head to Shige to make him say ‘yes’. But by heart Kei wanted Shige to say no…

“…Yes…” Shige said, not taking his eyes of Kei.

“Good” Yukio began dragging Shige down the hall.

“Keiichiro!” Shige screamed and reached his arm out in Kei’s direction.

Kei wanted to take it. He wanted to drag him back to him. He wanted to make Shige stay. But he could not… Just seeing Yukio dragging his love down the hall, while Shige kept creaming ‘Keiichiro’, broke his heart.

Kei fell to his knees, shedding a few tears. His father came by, giving him a comforting pat. “Are you and mom alright? I’m sorry I forgot!”

“Now, now, Keiichiro, it’s alright. Your mom is resting and I am also okay. The problem is now, what are you going to do about Shigeaki? You really love him, don’t you?”

“That I do. Father, I want to spend my life with him”

“Don’t worry, your mom and I don’t disapprove, even though we know what Shigeaki’s father had done nearly 22 years ago. ..”

Kei stood up. “Father, I am going over to the Kato house. I want to know why Shige’s mom would do such a thing!”

Before Mr. Samejima could say something, Kei took off running.

Entering the Kato Family Tea house, Kei yelled ‘Mrs. Kato?!’

The older woman came downstairs, followed by her daughter. Kei knew she was a woman, and men should not harm women… but this was an exception. She had taken his beloved away from him!

“Why did you sell your son to a complete stranger?!” he asked in a harsh tune. He was pissed, very pissed. And also upset.

Mrs. Kato jumped a little, but answered the young man’s question. “Because anything is better then my son being with my husbands killer!”

Kei sighed. “I did not kill your husband! He committed suicide!”

“He did not!” Shige’s sister said.

“I want you out!” Mrs. Kato snapped at Kei. His presence made her fed up. “Where do you come off barging in here, acting like you own the place? You don’t know your place, boy. You killed my husband and then you have the nerves to come back here! Let me tell you something Koyama Keiichiro, Shigeaki will NEVER be yours!”

Kei wouldn’t let her words get the best of him. He kept his determination and integrity intact. “I will get my Shige back!” He emphasized ‘my’ and that struck a chord with Mrs. Kato.

“Well, if you think you are so confident, then I’ll make a deal with you. If you can find Shigeaki and beat Yukio, then I’ll let you have him.”

“That will be no problem” Kei sneered.

“Good luck finding him” the mother said before she literally pushed Kei out of her house.

Kei kicked the ground before sitting down on the second stair step. Where on earth could Yukio be? And how did Yukio know his name? Had Shige’s mother told him, or did Yukio know Kei from before? Kei bent forward, rubbing his eyes. He decided to go back home and ask his father if he knew who Yukio was.

It was common knowledge that Kei was the cousin, whose father is one of the best samurais, but it was rarely known that Kei could fight just as good as his cousin.

“Keiichiro? I’m glad you’re okay!” Kei’s mom came up to him, hugging him.

“Father, do you know anyone named Yukio?”

“Yukio?” He tapped his chin. “I do remember one...Uchi Yukio…that scoundrel. He lives in Osaka. Why?”

“That’s probably the same one who hurt you and took my Shige away! I want to get him!”

“Keiichiro, you can’t go after him. Listen, the guards are out at the moment. You will do this. Go out at the crack of dawn.”

“Shige could be hurt father!”

“He will not! Why? I know you’re wondering. Shigeyako is one of the most popular geishas and plus loves geishas, so he won’t do any harm. I know the Uchi’s very well, Keiichiro. Trust me when I say he won’t do anything foolish.”

“Osaka is quite a distance.” Mrs. Samejima spoke up. “Prepare yourself very well!”

As the sun had just awoken, Kei was already a good way towards Osaka. Travelling light, he had some food and his sword with him only. If that Uchi Yukio guy had hurt Shige in any way, he would pay for it. He would have him pay for it really bad.

Arriving at the city gates it took him a few minutes to get through. Asking around where Uchi Yukio lived, Kei got to learn that he was the most powerful man in town. It did not matter to Kei what his status was, he was getting his Shige back, no matter what!

Meanwhile, at Yukio’s house at the outskirts of town…

“You know a reason why I like you so much…you’re alluring.” He had Shige tied up by his arms and feet. “Sexually alluring and you probably didn’t know that.” His hands ran up and down Shige’s exposed body. He was still in his kimono, but it was opened.

Yukio had forcefully taken Shige a few times in an attempt to try and break him. “You’re my geisha now. Accept it!”

Shige looked to the side, “I’ll never accept it, not as long as my heart belongs to Kei!”

Yukio narrowed his eyes and sprawled over Shige, hitting him across the face. “Sooner or later you have to accept it, and you will see that you will never be anymore than a geisha to anyone!”

“Kei loves me!”

“Are you so sure?” Yukio smirked.

”Very.” He glared hard at Yukio, who simply smirked.

”Think what you want, my pretty, but you will always be mine!”

”I hope you die!!” Shige spat in his face. Yukio grabbed his face.

”Now, now, no need to be so fiesty, though I like you like that. Shigeaki, oh Shigeaki, why fight? I have everything you need, just relax and submit.” He tried to kiss Shige, who luckily evaded him.

“Keep still you—“ more did not Yukio get to say before the top of his hand got cut by a sword. Seeing the blood coming out of the wound, Yukio turned around to see Kei.

“Isn’t Keiichiro who has come to save his geisha?” Yukio grinned moving of Shige.

Shige looked away from Kei. How could Kei see him like this? All exposed. He wanted to cover himself so badly right now.

“Shige!” Kei said and bent down beside his lover. Laying the kimono over Shige, Kei got up again looking at Yukio with a determined look. “Which way it will be, I will leave this house with Shige.” He continues speaking as he moved closer to Yukio. “If it will be by my words or sword I don’t care, Shige is mine!” he cut the bonds that was tying Shige. Shige put the kimono tighter around himself, holding one hand between his legs. His abdomen was hurting.

“Shige, try to move to the door as quick as possible!” Shige nodded his head, but because of the pain in his abdomen, he couldn’t move too fast. Once he found his way to the entrance, he fell to his knees, crouching in pain.

Meanwhile, the two men were fighting, Kei as speedy and graceful as ever, managed to whack Yukio in his legs.

Shige wrapped a bond around his waist to keep the kimono together. Leaning to the wall as he walked down the hall, he walked into two of Yukio’s guards. As the two men grabbed onto Shige he screamed for his lover. “KEI!”

Kei who had just cut Yukio’s face, left the battle and ran straight to Shige. “OI!” he said looking angry at the two men. “Don’t you lay a hand on him!” One of them men reached out to touch Shige by the shoulder as Kei spoke. Coming closer Kei cut the guys wrist and brought his Shige into his arms.

“Not so fast” Yukio said coming out from the room they had been fighting before. “The paper still says Shigeaki belongs to me no matter how far you take him!”

Kei narrowed his eyes, “It’s just a piece of paper that can be lost”. With that Kei made his way down the hall with Shige safe in his arms.

Kei carried his lover all the way back to Kyoto, stopping along the way to make sure that he was okay. “Kei,” Shige spoke after they reached their city’s gates. He looked worried.

“Hmmm?” He kissed his forehead. “What’s wrong?”

“My mom…she’ll never allow us to be together. I need to speak to her.”


“Kei, I really need to speak with her. Please!”

Seeing how worried his lover was, he gave in and took him to his home.

“Mother…” Shige said kneeling down by his currently sleeping mum.

“Hmmm? … Shigeaki?” she opened her eyes slowly. Seeing her son sitting by her side, she too sat up stroking her boy’s cheek. “How did you get here?”

“Kei rescued me…” Shige looked into his mothers eyes. “How could you sell me?!” No, he had not forgotten that his mother had sold him to a complete stranger. “Kei did not kill father! I know so. And there is proof… there was a dagger stabbed into father’s stomach… he committed suicide mother… I know it’s hard to accept it, but he did, Kei is innocent!”

“Shigeaki,” She sat up. “I have something to tell you. You probably won’t forgive me for this, but you need to know. I know that Keiichiro didn’t kill your father. In fact, as I yelled at him, I saw an image of his mother, screaming at him, ‘You killed him!! How could you do this?!’ I didn’t want you to be with Keiichiro and have him tell you that. You’d hate me. I don’t want my only son to hate me.”

“I…I don’t understand..”

“Shigeaki,” She looked straight into his eyes. “I was there when Keiichiro’s father died. I watched your father slay him. I watched as his mother fell to her knees, deeply in grief. I felt nothing. I still didn’t feel anything until the moment your father died. Right then, I knew how she felt, for my actions were the same as hers. Do you understand now?”

Shige was stunned into silence. His mother knew that all that she wanted for Shige was gone. Her Shigeaki was gone. She was sure that he’d never forgive her.

“Mother…” Shige finally spoke. “I love Kei just as much, or more, then you loved father, I need to be with him or else I am empty.”

His mother just looked at him.

“Before I meet Kei I was an empty vessel. When Kei put his eyes upon me I felt alive and a desire to be with him forever more. Please mum” he bowed gracefully “Let me marry Kei”

“You’re both men” his mother said lifting Shige up by the chin.

“I’ll be his girl”

“… If you will be happy dear”

“What about geisha school?” his sister had entered the room.

“You have many friends… be with one of them” Shige said. He did not care about geisha school anymore, he wanted to be with Kei and belong to him.

Shige did not speak another word to his mother or sister. He walked straight out to Kei who was waiting outside the house. Wrapping his arms around Kei’s neck, Shige placed a soft kiss on the other’s lips.

Talking into their kiss, Kei stroke a hand down Shige’s back. “Will you be mine?”

Shige just smiled and kissed Kei some more before leaving his lips slowly. “Now and forever”

“Wait a moment.” Shige’s sister came into the room. “Mom says you have to give your resignation to the school tomorrow. I’m not gonna do it for you. After that, you can go be mushy mushy with your lover!” She poked Shige’s cheeks and went into her own room.

“Come with me?” Shige hugged Kei and rested his head on his chest.

“Wherever you go I will follow” Kei said smiling down at his Shige.


I hope you guys likedloved it 'cause I certanly do XD;
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