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[Translation] KoyaShige crosstalk Myojo April 2012

With thanks to spilledmilk25 this is the translation of the KoyaShige crosstalk from the latest Myojo (April 2012 issue). The theme of the crosstalks in this issue was along the lines of a novel. It starts with how two people met and then focuses on a few major points that followed in their friendship.

KoyaShige talk about their early days together, including how they've been together almost from the moment Koyama joined Johnnys, and the cementing of their friendship.

The meeting
K: One week after I entered the agency Johnny-san introduced Shige to me saying "This is your partner"*. This happened 12 years ago and things never changed since then, isn't it amazing?

S: But when I was doing Kinpachi Sensei you were in Shock and your partner was Taguchi. That time I felt like you were cheating on me (lol).

[*Shinme: In Johnny's it's the guy who does your same things. Sing the same part of the song, wears the same costume, does the same dancing, etc.]

The moment of fate
S: Lot of time ago me and Koyama were chosen as important backdancers for Kinki Kids in Music Station, remember? Just before the show the choreography was changed, the teacher told us "You cannot do mistakes". Anyway during the real show I did for mistake the previous steps...when I was watching the video thinking that they would get very mad at me I noticed that Koyama did the same mistake as me.

K: We were the only ones who failed but in the end nobody else noticed.

S: In that moment I felt "I'm going to stay with this guy for the rest of my life" (lol).

3 busy days
K: I travelled with Shige a lot. The last time was a trip to Osaka last year.

S: On a Saturday afternoon I received a sudden call from Koyama "Want to go to Osaka now?". I was doing the proofreading of my novel and I needed a break so I went with him. We went to Osaka with the Shinkansen, we ate yakiniku...I can't remember anything else (lol).

K: We met the kids of our common friends!

S: Ah! Right. Then the takoyaki we ate coming back home the next day were delicious.

K: That night we also went to the birthday party of our friend, you know? (lol).

===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===

S: Maybe because Koyama failed to enter the school he wanted, but when I told him that I was going to Aoyama his reaction was absurd! He told me "Really?! Damn you really are smart then!!".

K: I'm a country guy, just the sound of "Aoyama" was fancy to me!

S: He was kinda idiot, I thought he had my same age but he was in the first year of high school. Anyway it didn't end there, the casual speech went on.

K: Inside of me I thought that Shige wasn't able to speak properly.

S: Anyway when you talk with Koyama you find out he's unexpectedly adult.

K: Kazama-kun and Hasegawa-kun were my senpai but our ages were close so we talked in a normal way. Also with the members of KAT-TUN was the same.

S: Even back then he was very sociable, he sparkled a lot! Me and Fujigaya used to ask questions to Koyama.

K: During that time we also went to Korea for "Chonan Kan".

S: We made Yokoo eat something so spicy that he cried,  Kusanagi-kun was seriously worried (lol).

K: We also made Yooko-chan do the back-flip he learnt only one week before. He was scared, he just jumped high in the end (lol).

S: I remember that (lol). I wonder if he does backflip for Kis-My-Ft2 now.

===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===

read the full translation of all the other crosstalks => here @ spilledmilk25's lj

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