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Shige Updates!

Shige updates! A new radio show – a new drama role – a new Myojo column!

Just a quick update of Shige's upcoming projects.

The main news being the start of Shige's new weekly 3 hour live radio show – ShigeGori's wktk Radio School. It is one of a number of new radio shows which form part of the 'WAKU-TEKA RADIO SCHOOL'.

[Every Saturday from 21:05~ (NHK)]

3 hours with NEWS' Kato Shigeaki and Garage Sale's Gori.
Love, friendship, worries...your stories will create the show!
Connect with the 2 speakers by telephone, email and twitter!
(Translation thanks to spilledmilk25)

Website: http://www.nhk.or.jp/wktk/

Twitter: nhk_wktk

The program starts from Saturday April 7 on NHKラジオ第1 (R1) which can be found on KeyHole. NHK also has a webcasting smartphone app for those in Japan. On March 23 at 21:30 there is special introductory show.


April 7 also sees Shige in a Drama SP –「ブラックボード~時代と戦った教師たち~」 / Blackboard ~Teachers who fought the times~ Story 3 – TBS also at 21:00.

This is the final of three stories set in different time periods and with different casts.

From Tokyohive : the final episode (April 7th) will be actually set in modern-day Japan again, and will tackle the story of forbidden teacher-student relationships. Matsushita Nao will play a very devoted English teacher who’s offering personal lessons for a pupil (played by Kamiki Ryunosuke), who barely can read or write.

Out of jealousy, the other pupils start to spread a false rumor about an alleged love relationship between her and said pupil. Even though it’s a lie, the rumor soon spreads to her coworkers and parents of the pupils. She loves being a teacher, and therefore tries to endure it all, but things become more difficult when the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) files a complaint against her.

NEWS‘ Kato Shigeaki will play one of her colleagues, while SKE48’s Matsui Jurina will take on the role of a jealous pupil who starts the rumor.


Shige commented recently (Mar 18) on his Sunday night radio show that he is playing a Maths teacher.

See spilledmilk25's  summary of the broadcast --> here.

On this broadcast Shige also talks about his new project with K8's Maruyama due to start in the next issue of Myojo

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