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New Regular TV Show for KoyaShige

Koyama and Shige will be starring as MCs in a new regular TV show starting April 6 at 23:30 on NTV along with Hatori Shinichi. The show is called 未来シアター (mirai shiata~/future theatre) and will be filmed at movie theatre-like studio set where the owner of the theatre (MC) and people who come watch movies ( the guests) will watch a VTR and talk about it.

The VTR will be a documentary movie on someone who tries to change the world without fearing criticism.  They can be celebrities, scientists, artists, athletes, technicians etc and will feature interviews, re-enactments, past footage to show the person's life with music that fits just right too. The MCs and guests will reflect on the story and dig out previously unknown truths about themselves

A press conference was held yesterday, March 22, to announce the new show.

Hatori: We hit off real well, NEWS just went under big change, and we talked about this really seriously, because we were so honest, Tutorial-san (second guest) was really honest about himself too.
Koyama: Hatori-san's a genius when it comes to making the atmosphere a relaxed one.
Kato: We should make sure we find out Hatori-san's secrets too.
Hatori: Well if we find gossip about each other, let's not talk about it.

Koyama: I'm a newscaster, so i want to try to naturally bring out the stories from the guests.
Kato: It's a real new kind of show, it'll be moving, I think it sends out a positive message that will help you feel motivated the next day.
Hatori: The VTRs will be like good road signs for us as well, not just the guests, i hope we learn a lot.

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Article from => here  with thanks to enshinge for the summary.

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