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Title: End

Pairing: KoyaShige


Rating: PG

Summary: Koyama lets go.


It’s been 10 years since they first met, it’s been 5 years since Koyama confessed his feelings to Shige but brushed it off, it’s been 4 years since Shige realized that he’s also in love with Koyama, it’s been a 3 years since they’d become more than friends.

It’s hard, keeping their dirty, little secret from everyone, from the fans, from the company, from the other two, from their family, from the world. They’re not just ordinary people, they’re idols, persons who is being idolized by millions of fans not only in their own country but all over the world. They’re a worldwide idol.

Brushing of their fingers, gazes that seems to send the fans to never ending screams, the sweet comments about each other, other people would think that this is only done to entertain millions of viewers, just friendly gestures of a decade-long friendship, but it’s not. Hell no. Appearances on television are their only opportunity to show their love for each other, they really can’t show it outside the entertainment world. It would be really scandalous.

It didn’t take long for the other NEWS members and the company to know their secret. A junior from a particular group caught the two in the comfort room, sharing passionate and hungry kisses.

“What shall we do about this? Huh? Koyama-kun? Kato-kun? This is very scandalous! It’ll not only affect you both and the other member of NEWS, but also the company.” Johnny Kitagawa, the founder and CEO of J&A, questioned them.

But the two remained silent.

“I’ll give you options. End this stupidity of yours and you two can stay, or continue with your little secret and get out of my company. The decisions are yours.”


“Shige…” Koyama started. “What shall we do now?”

But Shige didn’t answer.

“Shige? Shige, please, answer-”

“Koyama, I’m thinking!” Shige snapped. He sighed heavily. “I’m sorry.”

Koyama pressed his lips. “It’s…okay.”

The two of them went silent again.

“It’s been three years, right?” Shige uttered.

“Ah, yeah…Three years since we started dating…”

“Yeah…” Shige gulped.

“I love you, Shige.” Koyama told Shige, his hand squeezing Shige’s.

“I know. I know.”

“So…What’s our decision? What are we going to do now?”

Shige didn’t reply.

“Shige, what-”

“There are two options.” Shige interrupted. “First, end this. And second, get out of the company…”


“I really love my work, Koyama.”

Koyama’s eyes widened. But he didn’t speak.

“I love being an idol. I love it, I feel happy when the fans are getting wild over me, the screaming, the applauses, I loved it. The way the other juniors looked up to me like some great person, the respect I’ve earned when I became the first JE novelist. I love that feeling, the respect they’re giving to me, the love they’re showing-”

“Okay.” Koyama interrupted. “Is…Is that your final decision?”

Shige sniffed. “Y-Yes…”

Koyama nodded. He stood up, went immediately to the door to wear his shoes.

“Shige…” He called, but didn’t face him.

“The three years…” His voice started to get shaky. “I’ll keep it here.” He pointed his chest, his heart.


“Goodbye, Shige” And Koyama went out of the door, without looking at Shige.

“Koyama…” He murmured. “Koyama, I…” He can’t stop it anymore, and the tears he held when the conversation started to go downhill finally left his eyes.

“Kei…Kei, I’m so…” And he cried out loud… “I love you… I love you so much…”



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