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KoyaShige drabble

Just some fluffy ridiculousness to add to your day.

Title: The Perfect Mix
Pairing/Characters: KoyaShige
Rating: G
Word Count: 350w
Warning: This is my first attempt at JE fiction..... please be kind
Author's Note: Written for the trick luna_truths gave me in the trick or treat meme.

The Perfect Best Friend
2 cups intelligence
1 cup wit
5 kg talent
4 pieces of kindness
1 tbsp respect
3½ pieces of fun
2 cups of shyness
*optional ingredients: stupidity & dorkiness

1. In an Aoyama dish, add intelligence and heat until lawfully boiled. Beat in the wit, quickening it until fully melded. Leave to cool.
2. Prepare talent, washing it in the finest glitter, feathers and black, studded crowns available in your kitchen. Mix in the wit & intelligence with the talent and kindness to complete the base, baking at 180 until elite.
3. To prepare the centre, fun and respect should be kneaded carefully into the shyness, until the personality becomes firm. If preparing for a party atmosphere add 2 cups of beer and gently knead in until nice and talkative.
4. Optionally, for a bit of fun and colour add a touch of stupidity and dorkiness.
5. Pour centre carefully over the base and bake for a further 5 minutes.


“I’m in here” Koyama lowers his pen, admiring his work as he replies.

“Can you add whipped cream to that shopping list?” Shige asks while walking into the room, “I was thinking of making a cake for the picnic tomorrow.”

“Sure thing.”

Serve hot with a side of whipped cream and your friend is complete.

Koyama stops, chuckling to himself, only to jump half a foot into the air when he notices Shige reading over his shoulder. His ears instantly turning bright pink.

“You see, this is why I cook. Don’t worry I’ll write the list” Shige laughs, pinching Koyama’s cheek as he leaves the room again.

Koyama re-reads his recipe, turning a deeper shade of pink, yet still taking the time to make a few minor adjustments. He can still hear Shige chuckling from the other room as he gets up to follow him.

“Shige-chan….. You know, I just tried this new recipe, but I need to eat it while it’s still so incredibly hot, is it ok if I eat in the bedroom just this once?”


The Perfect Best Boyfriend




First time ever writing JE fiction, even though it's just a drabble, would appreciate comments ^^
Didn't link it back to my journal because the original post has a million gifs in the comments which kills computer responsiveness (ok maybe not a million) but you are welcome to go find it in my journal if you are a stalker like that.

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