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Dolls (Fanfic) ~Prologue~

This will be my second story so it won't be a one-shot. I really wanted to do it this way. XD Hope everyone likes it. I might update it once a week...

Title: Dolls
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: G

There won't be a summary sorry since it's just a prologue xp

"I hate my life!"

At this exclamation a crash could be heard followed by a thud as if something hit the floor.

A man could be seen leaning on a table while the room was in shambles. Chairs upended, books scattered everywhere, lamps and vases broken, and pictures ripped to pieces.

"Why must I endure this pain?" The man asks himself as he slowly crumples to the floor.

He has a compelling presence, this man. At his full height he was a head taller than the average man, eyes that pierce you when his full attention is given to you, and lips that are so soft and kissable looking that is easy to smile. As well as a slim and lean frame that easily hides the muscles beneath. Many girls just swoon as they look at him and he never forgets to gently smile at them, and those girls wonder what those lips taste like.

Right now those lips are trembling and are being bitten fiercely. He slowly draws his right arm to his eyes as tears start to leak.

"I gave it my all but why does it have to come to this? Am I not good enough? I gave my love and everything! Is it still not enough?"

As he contemplated whether he made a mistake or not his head lolled to the side, he no longer cared if someone saw him in that pitiful state he just wanted to end the pain. Then he saw something glinting in front of him. He focused on it and saw that it was a jagged broken piece of a vase. The edges mocked him making him think of doing something stupid.

"Yes maybe I should just kill myself," he softly whispered as he reached for it. "This way I'll be rid of this awful pain and I would be free."

His hand closed in on the broken piece, and it trembled as he slowly sat up, he couldn't stop looking at it.

"This way everyone would be happy, I mean their sick and tired of my presence anyway. Ending my life would give them happiness." He muttered.

A wild look entered his eyes as tears continually fell then a soft smile softly bloomed on his face as he slowly drew the broken piece to his neck.

"Sayonara." he softly whispers.

Comments are appreciated.
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