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Shige's new novel "Senkou Scramble"

Kato Shigeaki will publish his second novel "Senkou Scramble" on the 1st March 2013 with Kadokawa Shoten.
Setted in the entertainment world the novel has already been called the second piece of the "Shibuya Saga", following the first "Pink & Gray".

Flashes Scramble
Nobody should live as if they're already dead
7pm, Shibuya scramble crossing.
A girl idol and a paparazzi.
The two with a wound in their hearts are searching for their place to stay. A story of love and rebirth begun taking a simple step.
Short plot
Akiko, member of the popular idol group MORSE, is struggling without being able to establish her position. On her graduation a new member enters the group and Akiko feels more and more cornered, she let herself go being the lover of the older star actor Okuda. Takumi is aiming to reveal this scoop. He stopped being a photographer to become a paparazzi since he lost his wife in an accident. The night Akiko and Takumi meet an unexpected elopement from the strict world they live in begins. The thing that finally cures the wounds in their hearts is...

Message from the author
I've finished writing my second novel "Senkou Scramble". My previous work "Pink & Gray" has been read by many people and I received a lot of support, I'm very thankful for this and it also brought me self-confidence. There are many new challenges I want to experience as NEWS member and novelist.
The title "Senkou Scramble" symbolizes the camera's flash, the bewilderment of entertainment world, the blending of Akiko and Takumi's lives. I've collected my fighting spirit and I wrote again something that only I could write, an entertaining work. I will be happy if you'll read this.

Kato Shigeaki

Photo Contest
  • Time: From 27 December to 31 January
  • The theme is LIGHT
  • The photos will be chosen and judged by Kato Shigeaki.
  • The selected photos will be published on the website from February.
  • The photos can be sent to "Senkou Scramble" website or to スマホト.jp, they must be digital photos.
  • Everybody having a FB or Twitter account can partecipate, moreover you can use your PC or Smartphone.
  • The photos may contain people in them but in that case there must also be the agreement of usage by the pictured person.
  • There will be different prizes: The best photo, the special "Senkou Scramble" prize, the Kadokawa Shoten one, one selected by the photographer Kitamura and one from Book Walker. The winners will be directly contacted.
What I wrote in the post are all the infos that were shared on the website. I don't know anything else, be patient and wait for the beginning of the contest.

Senkou Scramble website
Senkou Scramble twitter

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