October 3rd, 2009


[one-shot] assumptions

Title:   assumptions

Pairing:  KoyaShige

Rating: PG

Written for the [info]koyato  “first kiss” prompt


Many hugs and thanks to a and m for all the help and encouragement and for poking me with a big stick!


Summary:  If pressed, Shige would defy anyone to say that he was hiding, sitting out on the sea wall in plain view, wind blowing his hair, feet dangling over the side, fishing rod in his hands. He wasn't hiding out at all.

Except that he was...


October prompt: SOMETHING

Hi girls,

here we are with a OCTOBER FANFIC PROMT!

The promt is word "something". This word is one of my favourits and one can do miracles with it. I think I will participate myself again no matter how bad and stupid my fics at the end are XD

In the september promt 4 authors participated and I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY FANDOM MEMBER-AI LOVING HEART <3

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Will look forward for news stories about "something" !


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