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[ Fanfiction] Hadashi no Cinderella Boy [2/6]

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Title: Hadashi No Cinderella Boy (Barefoot Cinderella Boy)
Fandom: NEWS/ Kato Shigeaki/ Koyama Keiichiro
Genre:  Heavy Drama/ Angst/ Introspection
Rating: PG


When Kato Shigeaki learns that NEWS was being suspended, his dreams had shattered. He goes back to Osaka and thinks about things. It follows his days from the start of the suspension until NEWS comeback and the days after it.It is mostly introspection and a few member interactions.

 Author Notes

 Have you guys been waiting long? Here we are! I finally finished it! Shige - muse was so demanding on the changes he want made to his fic so it took time for me to re write this. This is CHAPTER 2 of Hadashi no Cinderella boy. Check up there to see where chapter one is.

☆^ヽ(*^-゚)vThank you♪v(゚∇^*)/^☆

to those who commented on CHAPTER 1
you encouraged me to type it up and improve!

Please continue to read on!

Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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