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Shige wants to eat cake - Koyama feeds him.

People talk about the RyoPi strawberry incident from the con...but no one notices THE KOYATO CAKE (YAMAPI'S CAKE YAY) INCIDENT!
WILL TALK ABOUT THE BIG KOYATO CAKE INCIDENT I HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT BUT NOTICED MYSELF 8D uhm...yes, I always fangirl over strange little things...and please don't ruin my love by saying that Koyama would feed any member like this (DON'T TALK ABOUT TEGOSHI EITHER)

Koyama doesn't feed anyone else like THIS thank you - photos from the con - CAKE

Just wanted to share the KoyaShige love. Oh...and this might be my first post I don't even know O_O anyway...HIYA ^^
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