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Koyama Keiichiro: Single Lidded Chatterbox (picspam)

I honestly thought that I would never like Koyama. He really wasn't my type, in fact kill me now, I thought he was ugly. I never thought he belonged in NEWS and boy was I wrong. He belongs more than anyone because he is the emotional core of NEWS. To me, Koyama is like the heart of news because he is the giver, protector, caretaker, babysitter, advisor, olderbrother, best friend, cheerleader, and more. In addition to that awesome list of good traits, he is very good in singing, acting and dancing and he is also very smart, funny  and responsible. He also puts everyone in front of himself ! He takes care of NEWS! What a great guy! So on his birthday, I bring this tribute to show my new found love for this oh-so adorable guy...

I also wrote him a fanfiction and it is right here:

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