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[2 Fics] This Night of Love/Wait..wait a moment!

These fics are SHIGE-SEME fics!!! If you don't like the idea of Shige being on top, then DO NOT READ these! If you do, and then proceed to comment talking about how Kei should be top, then I'll have to whack you. You have been warned!

With that said..enjoy? XD?

Title: This Night of Love (eng. title) 
Author: Takara 
Date Started/Finished: 2006-02-14 
Rating: NC-17 
Pairing: Shige/Kei 
Genre: 1-shot

Note: Orginally wrote this for one of my daughter's b-day, but thought about posting it here. Enjoy the blehness!

“Good Evening Kei!”

“Hi Shige!”

Kei put his fare in the coin machine and sat down near the back of the bus. Every evening during the weekdays, he’d get on the 6:32 p.m. bus that happened to go by his high school and a few streets away from his house.

It was mid-may and Kei was excited that within a month, he’ll be graduating from high school and moving onto a school that specialized in computers.

“You look tired.” Shige eyed the young boy by looking at him from the front mirror. He held a glint in his eye ever since Kei had stepped foot onto his bus. He knew him for a little over a year, even though he’s been driving buses for 3 years.

“Yeah I am. I wanna go to sleep now.”

“You do that. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when I get to your stop.” He said smirking and thinking of a brilliant plan. ‘I’ll definitely let you know, my Kei.’ He then turned the bus down a different road, away from the bus route.

About 20 minutes later….

Kei opened his eyes and lifted his head from the window. The bus wasn’t moving. ‘Where…? Where are we?’ “Shige…?”

Shige sat in his drivers seat, watching Kei from the mirror window, eating a banana. “I see that you’re awake, my pretty, pretty Keiichiro. Did you have a good sleep?” He spoke, taking a break from eating, but once he was done speaking, he returned to eating the banana, eyes still on Kei.

“Shige, what is going on? What are you doing?! Why are we here?!” Kei began to panic, more so as Shige rose from his seat, approaching him slowly, still smirking smugly.

“Shhhhh. Why ask so many questions?” Shige faced him and Kei was cornered. Grabbing the younger one’s collar, he pulled Kei towards him, crashing his lips to his. At first Kei didn’t open his mouth, but Shige grabbed his crotch area, making him gasp, and allowing Shige to deep throat him with his tongue. Not breaking the kiss, Shige pulled him up out of where he was sitting and bringing him to the very back of the bus. Tossing him on a set of seats, Shige mocking pondered aloud. “What am I gonna do with you? He grinned and felt Kei’s crotch again. “Hard, eh?” He rubbed it with his palm, slowly, making Kei cry out. “Go ahead and scream! There’s only you and I on this bus! Now, get on the floor!” Kei did as told, surprised at this side of Shige. “I want your back facing me.”

Shige just happened to eye Kei’s badminton racket. “Badminton, huh? I wonder just how hard this hits!” Kneeling behind Kei, he grabbed him by the hips, pulling him on all fours. As fast as possible, Shige unzipped the black pants and slipped his hand into Kei’s underwear, roughly sticking his finger into his hole. Kei screamed in slight pain. Shige quickly removed his finger and took the underwear off of Kei. “Be a good boy, close your eyes, and stay in that position!”

Shige walked to the front of the bus, grabbed a paper cup, walked back and got Kei’s badminton racket and went back to Kei. He set the items down on a seat and took off his thick black jacket and rolled up his right sleeves. Kei still had his yes closed and Shige never took his eyes off him as he took the cover off the badminton racket, tossing it aside.

He smacked Kei’s ass with the racket. Kei’s eyes flew open at the sting. He gasped aloud. Shige smacked a few more times before place the racket down and dipping his hand into the paper cup. Cookies and Cream milkshake. Taking his hand out, he quickly stuck his middle finger into him, twirling it into a circular motion. Kei moaned when Shige hit his spot. Milkshake splattered all over Kei’s ass and Shige loved it. Licking some up it, Shige moaned and said “Mmmmm….delicious!”


“Mmmmm….you want me to fuck you now?” He took his finger out and replaced it with his tongue, stabbing it in and out. Kei let out a pleasured cry and Shige felt a bit impatient.

“You’re not getting all of the pleasure.” He calmly said and took off his own pants and underwear. He sat down and called Kei to come over. “Suck.” Kei did just that. Shige grabbed his hair and bobbed him up and down until he felt like he was gonna come, at which he pulled Kei off him and told Kei to hang onto the black straps that were used for riders to hang onto when there weren’t enough seats. Kei leaned forward as his legs were spread apart using the badminton racket. Shige looked at their reflections in the window. Quietly, he put the badminton racket down and pressed himself on Kei. He bit him in the back of the neck. “Wanna feel something nice?” Kei nodded. Shige hit his erection side to side.

Kei tilted his head back and rested it on Shige’s shoulder. With him being distracted, Shige plunged himself inside of Kei, moaning at the feeling, whilst Kei screaming. “You know you enjoy it!” Shige breathed heavily into his hair, pushing him forward and ramming his hips over and over.

Shige pulled out of Kei and grabbed him by the wrist. He laid on his side and made Kei do the same. Once Kei had lain down, Shige grabbed his hips and impaled him. Hard. Shige pounded him over and over, going faster and faster, grabbed Kei’s erection and jacking him off as fast as he was moving inside him. Shige groaned as he let himself go and released everything inside him. Kei let out a scream when he felt one of Shige’s fingers in the slit of his erection and came.

Shige got from behind Kei and laid him on his back. Bending down, he sucked off all of what Kei had let go. “Damn, Kei, you taste so fucking good!” He then went to go get his towel and water bottle to clean themselves off, grinning that he‘d gotten what he wanted.. However, when he came back to Kei, the boy had fallen asleep. After cleaning both of them, Shige put back on both of their clothes.

He kissed Kei a few times on the lips and went to drive the bus back on the route again.

20 minutes later….

Kei awoke to the bus being outside his house. “Eh?” He yawned, “am I home?”

Shige looked at him with the look of ‘dude, I’m so gonna fuck you again!‘ and said “Yes, you are.” Kei tried to grab his things, but had a bit of a hard time since his legs were sore. After a few minutes, Kei waved to him and turned to go into his house. Shige smiled, waved back and drove off.

‘I love you, do you know that?’ They both thought and perhaps one day, they’ll both tell each other that.


Edit: I kinda didn't want to post this other fic, but might as well. Enjoy?

Title: Wait...wait a moment! (short, 1st version)
Author: Takara
Date Started: 2006-02-17
Date Finished: 2006-02-19
Type: 1-shot
Pairing: Shige/Kei

Note: Reading this, the idea for the fic that Mali and I had done didn't come from this!!!

“Nnnnnnnnh!” A young geisha moaned as her payer kissed over her neck, while opening her kimono, layer, by layer, roaming his hands on her chest, twirling her nipples. However, this wasn’t an ordinary girl, but actually a guy.

Some time before….

“Yosh!” A young boy looked in the mirror. “Ah! Perfect! Let’s go Shigeyako!” He said to himself, making sure he had everything he needed for his walk out around the streets of Kyoto.

Kato Shigeaki was his name.17, young, and pretty like whoa, Shigeaki caught a lot of men’s attention, thinking that he was a she dressed in men’s clothing. Thus, when Shigeaki turned 17, his mom and older sis that it would be interesting for him to dress like a geisha.

“Shige!” His older sister called him by his nickname. Shige looked back as she walked over and put a new comb into his hair. Thanking her, he walked out.

In another part of the same prefecture in Kyoto…

“I will NOT stay and hear this! Why is it me that study, study, study 24/7?! It’s not fair!”

“Keiichiro, you get back here this instant!”

People watched as the young boy ran from his home and down the street. He turned down the first corner and kept running.

Shige bowed gracefully to other geishas that he saw, while shying away from guys that looked at him with a predatorish look. Suddenly, when he looked away from a guy who wanted to get his attention, he bumped into someone, and his new comb that his sister gave him fell on the ground.

Keiichiro was running and tripped over his own feet, bumping into a pretty geisha. For a moment, they looked at each other with a feeling of intrigue washing over them. Blushing, Shige looked away and Keiichiro quickly stood up, helping the geisha to her feet.

“I’m sorry” they both said. Shige, over time, had perfected his female voice and was glad that he did. He bowed and still looked away from Keiichiro, who put a hand on his shoulder.

“My name is Keiichiro, but call me Kei. What’s yours?” Shige looked at him, about to open his mouth, but was stunned. They ignored the looks that people were giving them.

“Will you tell me your name?” Kei asked him after a moment.

“Shigeyako….” Shige felt so embarrassed, and yet he wanted this guy. Wanted to know him, but couldn’t, right?

Not knowing what to do, Shige quickly broke off contact and walked past him as fast as possible. Kei was about to give chase, but noticed the comb on the ground. He picked it up and figured it was Shige’s. “Chotto! Chotto Matte!” He yelled and was about to run, but the geisha disappeared. So, Kei ran in the direction of which he saw the geisha take off, going past a forest in which he figured that the Geisha may have hid in there.

Shige leaned on a tree, closing his eyes. “What am I gonna do?” He spoke in his real voice. “That guy…what am I gonna do with him. He’s the first one that looked at me in a way other than a ‘hmmm…I can buy you for $1,000!’ Shigeaki, what do you want to do? I can’t let him know that I am a guy! Whoa…do I like him? I-I can‘t! How! What to do! What to do!” He felt his hair and found that his comb was missing.

“Oh no….”

“Looking for this?” Shige was stunned as he knew whose voice it was, seeing that it was less than 20 minutes since he’d heard the voice.


Kei came from behind the tree and approached Shige. “I heard everything, Shigeyako, or shall I say, Shigeaki? I can’t believe you’re a guy. But…you make such a pretty geisha!” Kei blushed a bit.

“My comb! Give that back to me!” Shige reached for it, but Kei took a step back.

“Nah Uh. I want to get to know you. The real you.”

“But you know I’m a guy!”

“So? I still wanna know you, Shigeaki. Looking at you, I know you feel the same. C’mon” he took Shige’s hand. “I know of an abandoned house around here. We can talk there.”

Several minutes later…they reached the abandoned house, and sat on the outside porch. Kei was able to get Shige to open up.

“Ne, Kei, call me Shige. I like that better.” Kei looked at him with a glint in eyes.

“Say, there something I saw in this house when I had first came here, that I want to show you. Follow me.”

Shige followed Kei into a room, that was rather dark, due to the house being surrounded by tall trees that block out most of the sunlight.

“Kei, what did you want to show me?”

“Nothing.” Kei had leaned against the wall, pulling Shige to him, kissing him on the lips. Kei quickly wrapped his arm around Shige, who was clearly trying to struggle.

“Kei!! What are you doing?! Let me go-” Kei grabbed his head and kissed him ago, but this time, he stuck his tongue down his throat. Breaking the kiss, he pushed him on the floor and pinned his body.

“Just relax….” He whispered in his ear, biting on it and moving to his neck. His hands roamed down the kimono opening all the layers and messing with his chest. Using his palms, he twirled Shige’s nipples, making Shige writhe and thrusting his hips.

Kei sat up adorned his garments and went back to leaning on Shige. Kei kissed his nipples, licking them a few times. “Kei…” he moaned. Little did he know, but Kei stuck a finger inside himself, preparing himself. Kei wasted no time and went for Shige’s dick, kissing the lip. Shige’s eyes flew open at the feeling of Kei’s tongue dipping in and out of his slit.

“Shige,” he took his finger out of himself. “calm yourself.”

“Why?” Kei sat up and right on to Shige’s cock. They both cried out at the feeling of heat.

“Hold my hips, baby!” Kei cried out once he felt Shige fully inside him. Shige did as told and Kei moved in a up and down motion. They both cried loudly. Shige was the first to come, being that for him, this was his very first sexual experience. Somewhere, inside him, he thought, ‘I want to do this again!’


Kei got up and moved to Shige’s mouth, feeding him his cock. Shige was gonna say something, but all that came out of his mouth, was vibrations. Kei took his head and moved it up and down until he came. Some of his come dripped from Shige’s mouth, and so, he licked it up with his own lips.

Kei laid down next to him and they faced each other, falling asleep.

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