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The Wife Corner [5/5]

Title: The Wife Corner
Fandom: JE Wives
Rating:T [?]
Pairings: RyoDa, MassuTego, Koyato, Akame [and some T&T-ish mention in 1st "episode"]
Summary:Afew of the JE wives have their own TV show... only thing is.... what happens when ..Ueda puuts the show on pause
Warnings:This contains some of the random nature that it my mind. Watch out for Hormonal pregnant "women", randomness...oh! and loads of OOC stuff.
Author Notes:Dont mind the grammer or whatever... this was made for fun~. At first I only posted this in 2 other places... but I thouhgt others would get a kick out of it. ^_^;;; This is also my first CrackFic & series. I'd also like to mention that each "episode" is based one month after the one before it.
Oh! and each story features a different "husband" haha~ have fun!

Episode 1:The Power of The Producer
Episode 2: Get Happy
Episode 3: Ladies Don't Eat Deep Fried Twinkies
Episode 4: What The Neighbors Don't Know
Episode 5: Peggy The Peg Leg Pirate

"Bonus Episode" Comming Soon...
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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