Errrr[K]a (ruledaworld) wrote in koyashigedake,

[Oneshot] I Like This Feeling

Title: I Like This Feeling
Fandom: Koyato
Genre: Oneshot, fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: There's nothing like watching the first snow fall...
Warnings: ummm? very fluffy.
Author Notes: This was writen in a car... it was a very boring trip mind you. Anyways~ the weather was cold and over cast so I wanted something having to do with cold weather. I already know there are mistakes ,but I dont mind. This is was something to get me though today. Oh! and this is dedicated to SakSak because she needs some fluff in her life~
I also wasnt sure if this counted as a drabble so~ i'll just say it's a oneshot for now. lol

(I deffinetly like this feeling) //EDIT Link fixed
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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