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Just some fics I wrote but never posted. Some have never been seen by anyone before, the others only by 1 or 2 people. ^^;;

Ah, and sorry, the formatting got all screwed up but I'm kind of too lazy to fix it. ^^;;

Title: Snuggling
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They boys aren't mine, I just give them half my paycheck every month. ^^;;;

Shige and Koyama snuggled together under the thick blankets. Shige gently poked Koyama’s side to get him to move over so Shige wouldn’t be teetering on the edge of the mattress. Koyama let out a very dignified, manly squeak at the poking and shifted over.

The sharing of a bed was now routine for them during the past month. NEWS had finally reunited and was on a three month tour of Japan, and of course the boys had to share hotel rooms (for making so much money, the management was pretty stingy – and if they were going to recycle costumes there was no way they would spring for separate hotel rooms for each of the boys). Deciding on roommates was surprisingly easy, as once all of them were reunited old, familiar patterns set in and YamaP opted to room with Kusano, Ryo with Uchi, Massu and Tegoshi and Koyama with Shige. The weather for the first month has been pleasant, but quickly turned cold as winter set in and the tour took the boys to the Tohoku region of Japan. It was during that cold second month that Koyama discovered that Shige got cold, and stayed cold, very easily.

Koyama laid in his bed one night, trying to fall asleep but was having trouble as he replayed the concert in his head and mentally chastised himself for messing up dance steps. As he was lying there he opened his eyes and saw Shige’s huddled form under the blankets. He was clearly shivering and had his blankets pulled all the way up over his head, obviously trying to make some sort of cocoon of warmth. Koyama did feel the cold in the room seeping through his blankets, but it didn’t really bother him. It was definitely bothering Shige though.

Koyama smiled and gently called out, “Shige? Shige, come out of your nest.”
The mound of blankets exploded as Shige threw the covers up and over his head, looking at Koyama with pleading eyes. “Kei, I’m cold.”
Koyama chuckled, Shige looked too adorable even though he was in discomfort from being so cold. Koyama signed and lifted up his blankets, motioning for Shige to get under them with him. Shige hesitated, “But I thought you didn’t like to share beds with people.”

It was true, during their trip to LA after the group was first reunited, in that hotel room with the one king sized bed he and Shige had shared, Shige had offered to share the bed with Koyama, but Koyama had declined and slept on the rollaway bed. He had a tendency to move around a lot in his sleep, and often woke up hugging his pillow. “As long as you don’t mind being accidentally hugged during the night, it’s fine with me. You’re not going to get any sleep the way you are now, and we have a lot of shows tomorrow.”
Shige hesitated for a second longer, not wanted to make Koyama uncomfortable, and seemed to be having a mental battle with himself but clearly the desire for warmth won out. He scooped up his own blankets, swiftly dumped them on Koyama’s bed and climbed in next to Koyama. He took a moment to spread the blankets out on top of them both then sighed and plopped his head next to Koyama’s on the pillow, sighing contentedly as he snuggled closer to Koyama.
Shige’s skin was ice cold, and Koyama felt a shiver go through him at the shock. Koyama shifted to put some more space between him and Shige, trying to get away from the coldness, but Shige only followed him, continuing the skin contact. Koyama realized how much Shige really was like a cat – he was spoiled and liked to steal other people’s body warmth.

The warmth and comfort from having the heavy blankets on top of them and another body near them caused both boys to fall asleep quickly. Koyama even managed not to move around too much, only kicking Shige a couple of times.
As morning came the hotel’s alarm clock went off. Both boys groaned and ignored it, trying to stay in the grasp of sleep for a little longer. A couple of minutes later, with the hotel’s alarm clock still beeping, Koyama’s cell phone alarm went off, playing a cheerful medley of “Cherish.” Koyama, still half-asleep, blindly reached out and felt for the night table, where he thought he had left his phone. Of course his phone wasn’t there and he ended up hitting Shige instead and didn’t notice for a few swipes that what he was hitting was soft, warm, moving, and gradually getting more and more pissed off rather than being hard, cold, and made of cheap wood.

Just as Shige was about to strangle Koyama, his own cell phone alarm started ringing, playing “Teppen.” With both songs now playing annoyingly on repeat and the hotel’s alarm clock still beeping, both boys jumped out of bed to stop the noise. As much as both boys wanted to go back to sleep, the alarms had been set for a reason. They had a concert starting at noon and had to have a dance practice beforehand to correct the steps of the still rusty boys.


This routine had repeated itself until eventually it became a habit for both boys to share a bed. The boys didn’t discuss it, but every night after their baths Shige would climb into bed next to Koyama and snuggle against his side, absorbing his heat. The morning would usually find them in a more intimate position – sometimes with Shige’s arm slung around Koyama’s stomach; sometimes with Koyama spooning Shige, holding Shige close to his chest. The boys didn’t talk about that either. When morning came and they found themselves in those positions they extradited themselves as quickly as possible.

Eventually the tour ended and the boys went back to their respective homes. The first night Koyama and Shige had been so exhausted from the buildup of having little sleep during the tour that they had literally passed out upon returning home. The second and subsequent nights were different though. They both had trouble falling asleep, even Shige, who usually could literally fall asleep anywhere, was tossing and turning for hours. This went on for four nights, until at 2am Koyama reached for his phone to check Johnny’s Web, hoping the action might somehow make him tired enough to fall asleep. He scrolled down to Shige’s latest entry….

Kato Shigeaki and Wagahai returned from tour. Since the first night
Kato Shigeaki has been having fitful sleep Even Wagahai cannot sleep
Could it be that Kato Shigeaki and Wagahai miss the companionship of the
members? The room is too quiet after sharing for so long with Koyama
Keiichiro. Could it be they miss the constant babble and snoring of the
single eyelid?

Koyama laughed and opened a new mail, writing the message quickly with practiced ease, “Ne, do I really snore?” A reply came in a minute, “I don’t know That’s what Wagahai told me though” Koyama laughed at the response then quickly typed his reply, “Ne, come over?” Even though it was past 2am and it was a crazy request, Koyama wanted to see Shige…he missed him. Koyama expected Shige to come back with a witty response making fun of Koyama for even requesting it, but the reply mail came, “I’ll be right over

Thirty minutes later Shige showed up at Koyama’s door, car keys in hand and dressed in his pajamas. He’d obviously also been laying in bed while he and Koyama had been exchanging mails because his hair was adorable mussed up.
“Won’t your parents care that you’re gone?” Koyama asked.
“I left them a note. They’ll call my cell phone if they’re worried.” With that Shige took off his shoes and went into Koyama’s apartment.
They ended up on the sofa, curled up under blankets and talked until the sun began to come up. Shige’s head was resting on Koyama’s should, his eyes getting heavy. Koyama noticed and suggested, “Why don’t we go to bed?”
Shige only nodded his head, and Koyama had to almost carry Shige to his bed. As Koyama got in bed next to Shige, Shige snuggled closer to him.
“Are you cold?” Koyama asked. “I can turn up the heat.”
“No, I’m fine. I just feel the happiest here.” Shige replied.
“In bed?”
“Baka…no, in your arms. I feel the happiest in your arms.” Shige said, burying his head in the crook of Koyama’s shoulder. Koyama didn’t know what to say, so for once, he didn’t say anything. He wrapped his arms around Shige and pulled him closer, putting his chin on top of Shige’s head as they both fell asleep.

When they woke up some hours later, it was turning dark outside. They had slept through the whole day. They were in another of their intimate positions – legs intertwined, arms around each other and bodies impossibly closer. Only this time neither moved away. They lay there, both happy to be close to the other again. It was Koyama who broke the silence.
“I think I’m the happiest here too.”
“Holding Shige like this, having you here when I wake up, having you here to talk to…even if you do make fun of me too much…I think I’m the happiest when I’m with you.”

There was silence and Koyama began to worry. He sat up, looking down at Shige. “Shige? Are you going to say anything? I’m pretty sure I just said I liked you more than a friend.”
Shige turned so he was laying on his back, looking up at Koyama. “I like you too, Kei.” he said, with a huge smile on his face.
Koyama felt relieved, then slowly leaned down until his face was inches from Shige’s. “Is this okay?” he asked.
Shige smiled even wider, “Baka, just kiss me.”

Koyama laughed and did as he was told, leaning down the rest of the way to kiss Shige. It was a short, awkward kiss, but it was enough to let both boys know this was right. The romantic atmosphere was broken when Shige sneezed though. “Ah, Nyanta!” He pointed an accusing finger at the cat, who had jumped on the bed was making his way towards Koyama. Shige sneezed again. Koyama chuckled and reached over to hand Shige a box of tissues.

“I guess I’ll have to get an allergy medicine,” Shige said, sneezing again.
“Hey, maybe now we really can arrange for a marriage between Nyanta and Wagahai.” Koyama said, petting Nyanta while reaching to pat Shige’s head. Shige took a pillow and hit Koyama in the face. Laughing, Koyama attacked back.

Nyanta jumped off the bed, wondering if things would ever be quiet again as he went off to find another place to sleep.

Title: Christmas Eve
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They boys aren't mine, I just give them half my paycheck every month. ^^;;;

Kato Shigeaki walked along the busy streets of Shibuya, his scarf wrapped around his neck to keep out the chill. The streets were decorated for Christmas – Santa figures adorned stores windows and advertisements for Christmas cakes could be seen everywhere. Shige sighed and shoved his hands into his coat pockets, trying not to get sulky when he thought of his own Christmas eve plans that night. He would likely blow out the candles of a bought Christmas cake with the other NEWS members, as was traditional. Every year they would gather at one of the member’s apartments and order KFC, play video games until midnight, blow out the candles with no ceremony, then continue to play video games until the early morning. On previous years Shige had been happy to spend the day traditionally meant for couples with his friends, but this year was different. This year Shige was part of a couple, and he wanted to celebrate the holiday the way other couples did – making the Christmas cake together, having a romantic dinner, blowing out the candles at midnight while gazing into each other’s eyes and making promises to be together happily for the next year, and finally exchanging presents. For once, Shige wanted to do things ‘normal’ couples did, but unfortunately things for him and his boyfriend would never be ‘normal.’ The fact that they were both boys but a couple wasn’t what made their relationship different, it was the fact that they were both wildly popular idols which forced them to do things differently than other couples. They couldn’t go on normal dates for fear of being seen by fangirls who would report their relationship to the press, not that they didn’t go out together, but it always had to be planned out well in advance, and there was always the fear that no matter how much they had hidden their identities, they would still be discovered. Most of their dates were therefore spent at Koyama’s apartment, as he lived alone, playing games or watching movies. Shige didn’t mind this, but it was exactly what they had done together before they became a couple, except of course the activities after the games and movies were finished were quite different. Shige blushed at the thought…in front of camera Koyama gave off the impression that he was just this innocent, carefree guy, but off camera his true perverted self came out. Even when there were nights that they agreed they were just going to study together, Koyama would get bored after twenty minutes and spend the rest of the night attempting to molest Shige while Shige was studying. No wonder Koyama’s science, math, geography, Japanese and English skills were lacking even though he was about to graduate university.

As he continued walking about Shibuya, seeing couples holding hands and happily talking about their Christmas eve plans that night, Shige couldn’t help but get jealous. Christmas eve was one thing he and Koyama could do as a couple that was traditional without the fear of being caught, as it was focused on being alone with each other. However, Shige knew how much Koyama loved the other members, and how much he loved the tradition of spending Christmas eve with them. Shige didn’t want to force Koyama to give up the night that he looked forward to for months just because they were a couple. Shige stopped at a store window displaying fashionable clothes that were Koyama’s taste and sighed unhappily, seeing his breath form a while white cloud in the cold air around him. Maybe he should just give up on the notion of romance in his and Koyama’s relationship. He knew the other boy loved him, but he just wanted him to show it more grand gestures sometimes. They were both busy with work for NEWS, individual work, and school, so usually when they had free time to spend with each other they would just revert into their old habits of playing games and watching movies because they were too exhausted to do anything else. When Shige did try to do something romantic, such as cook dinner for the other, Koyama would question, “Eh, why are you cooking? Are you hungry? Let’s go eat at the restaurant down the street!” Shige would then get dragged out by Koyama, his protests that he had wanted to cook dinner, and that he had been planning for days on what to cook and went shopping for the ingredients specially on his way home were drowned out by Koyama’s loud pondering of what they should eat at the restaurant this time.

Shige turned away from the shop window, checking his cell phone and seeing it was getting late. Koyama had told him to be at his apartment at 7pm, as that was then the party would start. Shige sighed again, he couldn’t spend the whole night walking about Shibuya sulking. He headed toward the train station, checking in his bag to make sure that Koyama’s Christmas gift was still safely inside. If he wasn’t going to have his romantic Christmas eve he was still going to try and steal Koyama away for a minute to exchange gifts. They as a group never exchanged presents with each other on Christmas, but Shige had agonized over what to get Koyama…something practical but still something that Koyama would like and that would remind him of Shige every time he saw it. If Koyama hadn’t gotten Shige something different than the normal clothes he would give Shige if an occasion called for a gift, Shige would strangle Koyama.

Shige stood in front of Koyama’s door some time later. It was late…7:30…so the other members would definitely be at the apartment already. Shige took his key out and began to unlock the door, not wanting to bother the others by ringing the doorbell if they were already deeply entrenched into the stack of video games Koyama owned. Fixing one of his characteristic “fake” smiles on his face as he opened the door, Shige was expecting to be met with the image of barely adult boys yelling at the video game character they were controlling but was instead met with silence. Shocked, Shige walked into the apartment, taking off his shoes and closing the door, looking around to see if the boys were elsewhere. In the living room he was met with the sight of Koyama sitting on the couch by himself, wearing bunny slippers at staring at the kotatsu which had……..candles….a large meal laid out on it…..and…….wine glasses. Shige stood there looking at the spread in silence. Koyama leaned his head back, looking at Shige, a smile on his face but his eyes still showing worry, “I thought you weren’t going to come.”

Shige’s gaze shifted to Koyama, “I was in Shibuya sulking over not having a romantic Christmas eve with you.”
Koyama got up and went to Shige, hugging the younger boy. “Sorry I didn’t tell you, but I wanted it to be surprise.”
Shige’s arms encircled Koyama, hugging him back tightly, smiling a genuine smile now. “I didn’t want to pressure you to have a romantic Christmas eve with me since I know you love spending it with everyone so much.”

Koyama leaned down to look in Shige’s eyes, “Baka Shige, I enjoyed those past Christmas eves just because it was a night when all of us could be together, but there are other nights all of us can play together. Tonight is special, so of course I want to spend it with you.” He leaned down to kiss Shige briefly before pulling Shige toward to kotatsu. “Hopefully everything isn’t too cold now.”

Shige sat down opposite Koyama, sliding eagerly under the kotatsu, which was already warm underneath. Their legs battled under the table for comfortable positions and Shige looked at the various covered dishes. “Did you make all of this?”

Koyama smiled nervously and busied himself with getting the champagne from the nearby bucket. “Well I started cooking really early today but you know, cooking is really hard! I had to keep calling Tegoshi and Massu for advice because nothing looked like it was supposed to, but Tegoshi just kept laughing at me and Massu would just talk on tangents about how good his mom’s cooking tasted….so………..well, I really tried hard and I hope you’ll like what we have to eat.”

Shige looked at Koyama suspiciously and tentatively pushed the cover off of one of the dishes…corn soup…it smelled good. Taking another cover off…green peas…which smelled good too. “Koyama, I think you need to give yourself more credit, this looks really good!” With that Shige took off the last cover of the largest dish…fried chicken…it smelled good, but it was a little too perfectly and uniformly shaped. “Koyama, is this KFC?!?”

Koyama’s head lowered as he still continued to fiddle with the champagne bottle. “I told you, cooking is really hard! And I wanted us to eat delicious food, and the food I made tasted really bad so…” With that Koyama finally managed to get the top off of the bottle and poured each boy a glass, not looking Shige in the eyes. “I got us champagne! That’s really romantic, right?”

Shige laughed, Koyama really was trying so hard. Well, at least he had taken the KFC out of the containers and into nice bowls. Shige took his glass and lifted it up, “To our first romantic Christmas eve dinner.”
Koyama looked up, a relieved smile on his face, and lifted his glass up as well. “To many more to come.”

Both boys clinked their glasses together and took a sip, then began to serve each other the food. They ate slowly and talked until it was 11:30. At that time Koyama brought over the Christmas cake, which actually looked homemade. Shige was about to compliment Koyama on the cake but Koyama stopped him, “I didn’t make it,” he said sheepishly, “when I tried to melt the butter I set the wrapper on fire in the microwave and then used two cups salt instead of sugar, so I called my sister for advice. She told me I was hopeless and had me go over there to watch Haru-kun while she made the cake. That’s where I got the bunny slippers from, they were a present from Haru-kun.” Koyama lit the candles on the cake, and sat across from Shige again, once again worried that Shige would be angry at him for messing up another part of the romantic night.

Shige just smiled and reached over for Koyama’s hand, intertwining their fingers and saying, “Next year, let’s make the cake together. That can be our new Christmas eve tradition.” Koyama smiled and nodded his head, reaching for Shige’s other hand. With their hands intertwined and the lit cake between them in the dark apartment, they said horribly embarrassing, romantic things to each other until it was midnight, when they blew out the candles together.

Hours later, lying under the blankets of Koyama’s bed with Koyama holding Shige’s body close to his while he snored, Shige felt thoroughly loved and high on romance. He brought his hand close to his face, looking again at the ring Koyama had given him. It was half of a couple’s ring, the other being on Koyama’s finger. The rings weren’t identical so that fans couldn’t tell they were anything more than friends, but they were personalized with identical engravings on the inside of the rings, “Love eternal.” Shige’s hands traced down Koyama’s arms that were holding him, briefly touching the watch Shige had given Koyama as his present, before touching the matching ring. His hands settled on top of Koyama’s, and he snuggled back against Koyama, closing his eyes. In his sleep Koyama shifted and pulled Shige’s closer to him. Both boys slept contentedly until morning, when once again they would be faced with their busy lives which left little time for romance. At least they would always have Christmas eve.

Title: Playing with Hair
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They boys aren't mine, I just give them half my paycheck every month. ^^;;;

Shige sighed as the warm water flowed over him, washing the sweat and
stress away. He and Koyama had been practicing their dance
`Chirarizumu` dance for hours, but they still couldn't get it right.
One movement was too fast, one too slow, one not coordinated with the
other. The dance instructor had finally gotten fed up with them and
let them go for the night, however he had kept Koyama after to yell at
him some more.

Shige sighed again and began to wash his hair, pausing when he heard
the door to the locker room open. Koyama trudged in and took off his
clothes as he walked towards the shower stall next to Shige. The
water turned on and Koyama let out an exhausted sigh.

They showered in silence, both too exhausted to make small talk.
Shige finished first and got out, toweling himself dry and putting on
his street clothes before turning to blow dry his hair. Koyama came
out a minute later and did the same, taking the blow drier as Shige
finished. Shige watched Koyama dry his hair, the air from the drier
blowing his golden hair and making it fluffy. It looked so soft.
Without even thinking, Shige reached over the put his hand in Koyama's
hair. Koyama stopped and turned off the drier, looking at Shige.
`I just wanted to feel your hair. It always looks so soft.` Shige
said, his fingers combing through Koyama's hair.

`Ah, it's okay I guess,` Koyama said, smiling and leaning his head
down slightly to make it easier for Shige to reach.

After another minute Shige took his hand away, `It really is as soft
as I thought it would be,` he said, and turned away to finish
gathering his things to leave.

Koyama reached out and grasped Shige's arm, pulling him back to Koyama's side.

`Aren't you going to do your hair?` he asked.

Shige shrugged, `I wasn't going to, I'm too tired.`

Koyama positioned Shige so he was standing in front of the mirror and
walked over to Shige's bag. He pulled out Shige's small cosmetic bag
and went back to the vanity area where Shige stood looking at Koyama
like he was a little crazy. `What are you doing?` Shige asked.

`Turnabout is fair play, right? I like your hair with this new style
the best.` Koyama said. Dumping the contents of Shige's cosmetic bag
onto the counter, Koyama asked, `You keep your hair gel in here,
right?` as he pushed aside tubes of eyeliner and lip balm aside until
he found the gel. Squeezing some out onto his palm, Koyama stood
behind Shige and began to comb the gel through Shige's hair with his

As Koyama continued to comb through Shige's hair, Shige felt his
muscles relax. Although he would never admit it, he really liked it
when people played with his hair.

As Koyama began to shape Shige's hair into the `Soft Mohican,` Shige
leaned back onto Koyama slightly, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of
Koyama's hands in his hair.

Shige wondered briefly if it was exactly normal for best friends to
play with each others hair, but as Koyama's fingers continued to comb
through his hair, he decided he didn't care and let himself lean back
into Koyama more, closing his eyes and relaxing.

Title: Nyanta is Evil
Pairing: KoyaShige
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They boys aren't mine, I just give them half my paycheck every month. ^^;;;

If there is one rule that anyone with a cat must follow it is this: do not, under any circumstances, piss off the cat. You will regret it.

Unfortunately, Koyama Keiichiro was not aware of this rule.


Nyanta was lying on the sofa, trying to sleep, but he was being kept awake. His tail twitched in annoyance. He glared at Keiichoro’s bedroom door. That other boy was here again, in his house, the boy that Keiichiro called Shige. Nyanta was not pleased. The times when that Shige boy came into Nyanta’s house were increasing. At first it was once or twice a month, then one a week, and now almost everyday that boy was here. Nyanta began to move his tail aggressively against the sofa.

Nyanta considered himself a pretty laid back cat. He tolerated it when Keiichoro’s sister would being that tiny thing called Haru-kun into his house. Even though that thing would always end up tugging on his fur, Keiichiro would always reprimand Haru-kun and show the correct way to pet the cat. Nyanta even tolerated Keiichiro’s long trips away from home, and he would always carefully listen and wait by the door the minute he heard Keiichiro’s steps approaching. However, Nyanta would not tolerate that Shige boy in his house any longer.

That Shige boy seemed to enjoy petting Nyanta, which he was not opposed to. However, he was opposed to what would happen minutes after the boy began the petting. Nyanta would just be settling in to take a nap as the boy pet him when the peaceful atmosphere would be interrupted by “ACHOOOOOOOOOO!” There was always a large one at first, following by sneeze snot spewing all onto Nyanta. The boy would then be wracked by sneezes and would escape to the bathroom, followed by a worried Keiichiro who would always say something about “allergies, allergies!” Nyanta would be left on the sofa in utter shock, and then he would realize that stuff was all over his fur….his perfectly groomed fur. That stuff would take hours for Nyanta to clean off of himself, for Nyanta had a lot of fur and he was vain and would obsessively lick the same section of fur until he was absolutely sure no trace of that stuff was left. Each time that Shige boy came into his house, the scene would be replayed. Nyanta was not amused. Nyanta preferred to spend his days napping, not cleaning fur he had already spent hours meticulously cleaning. Eventually Keiichiro and that boy would just immediately go to Keiichiro’s room, closing the door behind them, whenever they came to his house. Although Nyanta was happy to not be subjected to the sneezes anymore, he was still annoyed by the fact that Keiichiro was paying so much attention to that Shige boy. Keiichiro was his, and not that boy’s. Nyanta’s dislike for the boy grew into hatred as his visits increased.

At first he tried to gently give Keiichiro hints that that boy’s presence was not wanted. When Keiichiro would want to pet him, he would always lie just outside of Keiichiro’s grasp, and would swiftly move further away when Keiichiro tried to shift closer to pet him. Keiichiro didn’t seem to get the hint though, and he just complained that Nyanta was grumpy. Nyanta moved to the next stage of his plan, which was to…relieve himself…on one of Keiichiro’s shirts. Of course Nyanta was not a cruel cat (at least not at this point, as this was the stage when that Shige boy only came to the house once or twice a month), so he chose to pee on one of the shirts he knew Keiichiro didn’t especially like.

When Keiichiro had discovered it, he had turned to Nyanta, who was lying on his bed giving himself a bath.

“Nyanta, why did you pee on my shirt?! Did you forget where your litter box is? Are you okay? Are you sick?????” At that Keiichiro started to slightly panic and Nyanta rolled his eyes, well, at least as best a cat can roll their eyes. He got up and went to the framed picture Keiichiro had of that Shige boy next to his bed and knocked it over, hoping maybe now Keiichiro would get a clue. Of course it was completely lost on Keiichiro who was busily frantically searching through his cell phone’s phone book for the vet’s phone number. That incident had landed Nyanta a visit to the vet, which he was not pleased about. If there was one thing Nyanta hated more than that Shige boy it was the vet. Nyanta’s mind began to think of even more evil punishments for Keiichiro.

At the point when Shige came to the Keiichiro household almost everyday Nyanta decided it was time to launch his full scale attack. He first started by hiding red boxers amongst the laundry Keiichiro washed. The result was that many of Keiichiro’s shirts were turned pink. Nyanta was sure Keiichiro would finally realize his grave misdeeds but he just smiled and said, “Ahh, it’s cuter pink!” Nyanta had forgotten about Keiichiro’s seemingly infallible positive outlook on life. Nyanta tried the same trick several more times, but Keiichiro would always proclaim the newly pink shirts were cuter than they were originally. Soon almost all of Keiichiro’s wardrobe was pink. Nyanta then moved onto the next phase. As Keiichiro often left his bag by the front door before he immediately dragged that Shige boy to his room and closed the door, Nyanta decided to attack his bag. Nyanta peed on Keiichiro’s bag every time he left it by the front door, and sometimes also left little “presents” inside as well. After a week of this plan being in operation, Nyanta was taken the vet again by a panicking Keiichiro.

Not wanting to risk another visit to the dreaded vet, and having run out of ideas, Nyanta settled for just sneaking into Keiichiro’s room whenever he left the door open and knocking over that Shige boy’s photo. Sometimes that boy would leave some clothes or other things behind, so Nyanta took great joy in hiding them. Behind the TV, in a corner that no one ever bothered to clean, was a pile of that boy’s things ranging from t-shirts, sunglasses, necklaces and books.

One day, just like any other day lately, Keiichiro and that boy entered his house. Nyanta barely woke up from his nap on the sofa, expecting them to make their usual beeline for Keiichiro’s room. However his time they came to the sofa and Nyanta was gently lifted and placed on a lap. Still being mostly asleep, at first he didn’t notice much. But then he forced his eyes open and tensed once he realized the lap he was on was of that Shige boy. Bracing himself for the upcoming onslaught of sneezing, Nyanta as surprised when it didn’t come, even as the Shige boy began to pet him.

“Ah, it’s so nice you finally found an allergy medicine that works! I know how much you love Nyanta,” Keiichiro said, using his fingers to scratch Nyanta’s ears as the Shige boy continued to pet his back.

From then on Keiichiro and that Shige boy didn’t stay locked up in Keiichiro’s room as much, and Nyanta got much more attention with no sneezing. Nyanta found himself even starting to like the Shige boy. When Keiichiro would be in the shower that Shige boy would talk to him about Keiichiro, mostly about what an idiot Keiichiro was sometimes. Nyanta would silently laugh and meow his agreement.

Eventually Nyanta returned all of Shige’s belongings, both boys believing they had been under Keiichiro’s bed the whole time. Neither ever considered even for a moment that Nyanta was the culprit.

And so they all lived happily ever after…well, at least kind of. When Shige ran out of his allergy prescription for a couple days Nyanta was left with no choice but to punish both him and Keiichiro by peeing on their bags. As Nyanta settled himself over Shige’s bag he felt the tiniest bit of happiness as he let the pee flow over the bag Shige treasured so much. That’ll teach him not to pet Nyanta again without taking the medicine…Nyanta was not going to tolerate the sneeze snot ruining his perfectly groomed fur.

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