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[KOYATO/RYOUCHI] When Ryo tries to care a.k.a. don't EVER act like Koyama

Pairing: KoyaShige (Koyato), RyoUchi and other News pairings...well, two. Kind of.
Genre: drama (at first...and not really)/ humor (some poor attempts on being funny throughout all the fanfiction)
Rating: PG-6 (that’s an average age for a person to know how to read, right?) okay, one kissing and about seven curse words. (PG-13?)
Disclaimer: Yeah, and ALL Johnny’s boys are completely straight.
Summary: Ryo tries to make Koyama realize he’s hurting Shige. He succeeds but he gets his pretty face smashed (not literally, Uchi’d kill me. And I’m not talking about lots of fangirls. And myself. And god. And-- right, summary). Koyama then goes to Shige to make out sort things out. Things happen. Ueda’s kinda involved and Tegoshi’s got some problems with the results of this all. Grab your spoons, you’re gonna need them.

A/N: This is my first fic ever. 8D I’ve never written anything no matter the fandom (I’m a pairing whore in every fandom I’ve ever been in for more that two weeks. That’s exactly three.) I’m not really good at writing but I tried. There’s lots of dialogue but it’s not all of it. Also, my grammar fails...there are surely some typos too. (UNBETAED btw) My english is as broken as the one of Koki’s. D: Although I’m not saying Koyama kisses smart ::killed:: (hey, I like Your side) Flames are laughed at and prolly being countered. Constructive comments are welcome, general fangirlism/ljbsahlba’s/<3‘s/O_O‘s/O_o‘s too. And I talk too much.

You can’t exactly cheat on me with your mother, can you? She’s your mother...okay, Uchi, don’t do anything stupid.
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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