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{ fic } One More Day

This was written by my amazingly, wonderful friend miss_skitchiez and I agreed to pimp it out for her :3 Everyone leave comments and tell her how awesome she is~!

Title: One More Day
Fandom: Johnny’s Entertainment
Pairing: Koyato
Genre: Angst at first, fluffy at the end, kinda humor-y
Rating: PG considering like, nothing happens.
Warnings: Crap writing. Small bits of angst
Author’s Note: This is written for flufy_umbreon and is an insert to her lovely Nurse!Kei fic that I would so totally put an amazing link here but I have no idea how to do that. Rofl. Care to help me Fluf? xD Anyways, this is kinda short. :x

"Sorry? Yeah, I know."
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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