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Pairing: Koyama x Shige
Rating: R? there is sex.
Disclaimer: ME NO OWN liek duhs SILLY.
Summary: KOAYAMA has a FETISH

xposted @ jent_fanfics

"Do it!" Koyama giggled.

Shige was laying on the floor naked.

"Do what?" Shige questioned.

Koyama was above shige naked.

"Oh come on you know!" Koyama smiled and patted shige's sholder.

Shige sighed. "NO."

"Your no fun!" Koyama pouted and crossed his arms.

"Will you just fuck me please." Shige bluntly stated.

"Fine." Koyama lifted shige's leg and observed his nice round ass before rubbing his thumb over his sensitive hole.

Shige sighed laying his head back down. He waited but nothing happened. Slowly he opened his eyes and gazed down between his legs.

"Please?" Koyama pouted innocently.

"NO!" Shige grabbed Koyama's hand and decided to start the process himself. A moan escaped his mouth after he realized just how many fingers lay inside him.

"Wow Shige a little impatient? If you had just done it you would probubly be all over my chest right now if you get what i mean."

"Shut up." Shige groaned laying backdown.

Koyama slowly prepared Shige and slipped in but from there on he didnt move.

"Oh FINE!" Shige huffed.

Koyama's smile widened.

Shige brought his hand up to him face.

"NO you have to say it too!" Koyama shouted.

"Look at me too!"

Shige grabbed the back of Koyama's head and brought it close to his own. He looked straight into Koyama's eyes and brought his hand to his face slowly brushing his lip as he sang out "Kuchezuke wo".

Koyama erupted into a fit of giggles.

Shige groaned and his body slowly shook back and forth.

"Excuse me can we please get back to the task at hand now?" Shige asked.

"Right right! ok!" Koyama giggled happily as he leaned in to give Shige a much needed kiss.
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