in our uniqueness, we are all the same (mujun) wrote in koyashigedake,
in our uniqueness, we are all the same

[fic] Don't Let Me Hurt You

Title: Don't Let Me Hurt You
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: Koyato
Genre: Angst, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: This fic is DARK.  It is not the cute, happy, fluff I've been writing lately.  The pendulum has swung to the opposite side.  I've never cried while writing until this one.
Disclaimer:  I have nothing to do with NewS or Johnny's or TBS anyone or anything in Japan.
Author's Note:  This fic takes place on the day of Shige's Hanamaru Cafe interview, during the summer of 2007.  You should read "First Times" if you haven't already, for reference of the video.  A subbed version of the interview is available on crunchroll where the subbers have not been credited.  If anyone knows who subbed this file, please tell me so I can give credit.

Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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