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[fic] White Christmas

Title: White Christmas
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: Koyato, Tegomass, Ryopi
Genre: Christmas Fic!!!!!
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: I am rushing to post this because I'm having so much fun with it.  I'll probably edit it lots.  Music downloads are NECESSARY to fully enjoying this.
Disclaimer:  I have nothing to do with NewS or Johnny's or anyone or anything in Japan.
Author's Note:  It's not really necessary to have read the other fics in my universe before reading this, but it might be nice.  This takes place in Dec 2006, before countdown.  So, it's after the Light Series and before the tour/Camera series.  OK?

Very, very, very important.  You must download these two songs before you read this fic.  When Koyama "presses play" for the first time, play the first one (track7).  When he "presses play" the second time, play the second one (track4).  For the first song, read the lyrics as they play - it's part of the story.  For the second one, skip reading the lyrics as such timing became impossible.  Just read the rest and hopefully the story and the song will end at the exact same time - they're meant to.

This is dedicated to all fangirls, everywhere.  You are all amazing, beautiful, talented, generous women, and I'm lucky to know you.  Please have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

To Barry White (Sept 12, 1944 - Jul 4, 2003)  RIP, baby.  We miss you.  (Barry White - White Christmas - get it?  hee hee)

And finally to our precious NewS: If a tiny bit of my universe can infiltrate yours like yours does mine, I hope you have happy moments together like these.  When you go onstage at the Tokyo Dome, all of us fangirls, everywhere, will be cheering for you. 

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