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[Drabble] Hello Kitty, Good-bye kitty

I was going to put a fake-cut here that would lead everyone back to my fic journal but whatever. I'll just post this drabble to the community instead of x-posting everyone all to hell. :3

Fandom: NewS
Pairing: Koyato
Genre: Crack

Ryo glances up from his magazine as he hears the door to the dressing room open, two very different pitched voices wishing him a good morning. He's about to be kind and say ‘good morning' back to them but something stops him from doing so. Instead, what comes out of his mouth is,

"You're freaking kidding me."

"Huh?" Koyama blinks, looking to Shige in confusion. Ryo tries again.

"What in the name of fruity-gay-shit possessed you?"

"Shige, I'm confused." Shige sighs and pats Koyama on the head. Koyama smiles and grabs onto the hand, intertwining their fingers before swaying the hands back and forth. Shige smiles. Ryo looks quite disturbed.

"Good morning, Kei-chan. Good morning, Shi-GEIOMG!!" Tegoshi flails, racing over to them. "SHIRTS!! MATCHING! I LOVE YOUR SHIRTS!!" Koyama beams, Shige looks a bit embarrassed. Ryo thinks Shige has every damn right to be embarrassed with what he was wearing.

"Ah! It's kitty-chan!" Massu shouts once he also scuttles over. He narrows his eyes some as he reads the words on Shige's shirt. "Hello, kitty!" He looks to Koyama's. "Goodbye, kitty!" Massu squeals in joy.

"Puns, Massu!! They're shirts are super cute and they make puns!!" Tegoshi bounces, grabbing the older man's hand. "We need cute matching shirts too!"

"With puns?" Massu gasps happily. Tegoshi nods. Massu squeals again and hugs him. Ryo watches on in horror as this unfolds. Oh god, the puns. THE PUNS.

Ryo can only continue to watch as Koyama and Shige sit on the other side of his couch, cuddling and cooing at each other and saying the phrases on their shirts back and forth in their incredibly shitty English.

It's only when Pi comes in and gushes about how cool those shirts are that Ryo wonders when everyone around him turned gay.
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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