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(Fanfic- One Shot) Eggnog

Title: Eggnog
Author: quinnsan 
Group(s): NEWS
Pairing: KoyaShige
Genre: Fluff…and maybe crack.
Rating: PG-13 (For hints at doing certain things..aka sex. *bricked*)
Flame?: Heck No!
Summary: Shige HATES eggnog, even though he has never tried it before. But..that is all about to change.
Beta’d By: nonokame 
A.N.: I sadly do not own any of the boys… though we all know we’d love to own at least one of them. Ok I don’t know if Shige really hates eggnog..its just a fic so please don’t kill me for it. ^^
X-Posted to: jent_fanfics, shigesuki  , wasurenaisa  , news_jpop 

“Keii, is this a new tea you just bought or something? I don’t recall ever having it before… And it’s cold.”

Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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