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[Fic] Plenty of Cleaners

Name: Plenty of Cleaners
Pairing:Koyashige desu!
Rating: PG-13ish...
Summary: Its Shiges birthday. Koyama has the present.
Disclaimer: Yeah, then I wake up. Real life Sucks!T_T

Plenty of Cleaners

“Koyama,” a weary voice called to him.
“Hm” He answered absentmindedly. He really wasn’t listening, he was way to enthralled.
A small tug oh the his shirt brought his attention to him. Shige looked terrified. His eyes had gotten very big and were searching the place from left to right and top to bottom. Looking for anything that could possibly end up hurting them.
Koyama gave a small chuckle. For all the adult manners Shige displayed he was still kind of childish. It made him a little harder to resist.
He raised his eyebrow to Shige in a questioning manner.
“Keii...Lets just get out of here ok?” He seemed to plead with the older man, and Koyama for all that it was worth wanted to do his lovers bidding, but in this case he really couldn’t.
After all he’d spent a good portion of their time off planing this event and no way in hell was he going to stop right in the middle of it. Not even if Shige did that cute ‘never could say not to’ pout.
“Its gonna be ok, k?” he tried to reassure his lover, who for the most part, just completely ignored him, choosing instead to glare daggers at the impending object across from them.
“I don’t like this,” he mumbled under his breath, but still loud enough that Koyama heard it as well.
“What if something or someone sees us here?” Shige plowed through.
Koyama just rolled his eyes, his lover was a worry wart. Putting his arm around Shiges shoulders he proceeded to lead him toward the small stool looking chair that was facing straight at Shiges dismay.
“No one will see us, I told you already, we are the only ones in here, I made sure of it. Paid enough and then some for it.” he finished, with a quick peck at Shiges temple, Koyama turned and headed for the small door on the right and disappeared into the darkness.
Shige for the moment, chose to have a small tiny heart attack at the prospect of being left alone in the dingy, smelly, probably disease infested place, but seeing as he had no choice but to wait for his soon to be ex-lover if things went horribly wrong as they usually did whenever Koyama said everything was gonna be ok.
A small bang and a mumbled word, that Shige was sure was a curse word reached his ears but that was all and then everything was quiet again.
“Some birthday,” no sooner had he finished saying that, when all the lights in the place went off and he was engulfed in complete and utter darkness. His eyes widened and in panic he started to frantically look this way and that, his heart already having jumped out of his throat in total fear of someone catching them here.
But then a slow, sensual sound started to come out of the speakers, and even slower there was dim light coming from the small little lamps currently circling the stage. In the middle even slower, if his eyes weren’t going crazy, was his lover, in nothing but a big white loose shirt that reached just low enough where it hid his private parts, but short enough that his thighs were bare in just the right places. Koyama had the first 3 buttons open and the collar of the shirt hung off his shoulder exposing so little yet so much. But the most important part of all that was the eyes, Koyama had ‘the’ expression the on. The one that Shige rarely came to see from their over packed schedule.
Usually they only had enough time for a good kiss behind some closet, that usually left them both wanting more than they could give at that moment or a quick fuck. In more than one occasion they had almost been caught in, excluding the time Tegoshi had actually come inside the bathroom. The younger one had been so engrossed in trying to find something he had lost that he’d over looked them completely, but still those seconds that he had been there had ended breaking the moment and in the end they had both just decided that yeah sleep was probably better.
Except this time, this time was different, this time they were both off and it was his birthday, and Koyama had promised him a night that he would never forget.
Currently, Koyama was licking his lips and bitting his bottom lip between his teeth as he rose from his crouching position on the floor and rode the shinny pole up, bending just at the right places that Shige thought should be illegal, Koyama fucking pole dancing should be illegal.
Those long thin legs, hooking just right and spinning while the whole time he kept looking at Shige, who intern was cursing the shirt that seemed to ride just high enough where his lovers inner milky thigh would show but then stop just before he could see his lover.
He was curious, was Koyama wearing anything under or not? Those thoughts only caused his pants to tighten even more, and he was sure that even with the dim light, Koyama could see the effect he was having on him.
Koyama had in fact seen and he smirked, proceeded to bring his index finger over to his mouth and slowly and deliberately stuck it in his mouth, licked it and sucked. He then proceeded to take his middle finger and suck on and make a face of absolute bliss as he slowly slid down the pole.
Shige was sure that if Koyama kept doing that he was going to cum in his pants, and damn he like these pants. They were a gift from Yamapi from his last birthday and they fit just right. Koyama had even said so. They hugged at just the right places, but then again there were about a thousand cleaning services and only one Keiichiro Koyama pole dancing. And damn but didn’t he do it finely.
At the moment Koyama turned his back to Shige who let out a small whimper at the loss, only to be replaced with a low groan as Koyama bent over sliding his hands down the silver pole as far as he could bending over, legs wide open and straight as an arrow. The damned shirt rose just high enough again that the curve where Koyamas butt started showed but still covered leaving the rest to the imagination. A possessive thought crawled up Shige, who was sure no man aside from his should be allowed to even imagine let alone see the current view.
Somewhere between the twirling and the bending Koyamas shirt had gotten unbuttoned and somewhere between that thought and his pulsating cock, Shige had ended up with his mouth devouring Koyamas, trying to suck the life out of the lethal dancer. He ground into him and was rewarded with Koyamas hard cock pressing against his thigh and a deep throaty moan from the man under him.
He pulled back from the kiss and took one look at him, Koyamas face was flushed, his lips raw and red from the forcible kiss, his smoldering dark eyes begging for more and just as quickly Shige bent over and tried to devour as much of his lover as he could, right there on the disease ridden floor. The question of if he had been wearing underwear or not forgotten.

A.N....Well yeah I tried. That was like my first time writing stuff like that. I’ve discussed it but never written it down. WAY HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!!!!>< But yeah hope u guys enjoy.
Feedback is ALWAYS fun!>< Was written on account that my sis who is a great Koyashige Shipper was saying that the fandom was dying. I am doing my part in helping to revive it and also it was just plain fun.^^
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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