Shigella Tsuge (unfenced_fire) wrote in koyashigedake,
Shigella Tsuge

It's up to you - Prologue

So here's the prologue to my new multi-chaptered Koyama x Shige fan fiction. Seems like I'm stuck with this paring, but I just love it too much.
Actually I wanted to write the other one first, but Koyama's latest j-web entry made me write this one first. Come on, you know you've been waiting for this ever since you heard the 'sleeping in the same bed'-sentence, haven't you? Well, I have XD The first chapter is on its way, I should update tomorrow or saturday at the latest.

Title: It's up to you.
Author: unfenced_fire
Pairing: Koyama x Shige (NEWS)
Words: 581
Genre: Romance, Humor
Rating: PG-13 for now. But prepare to something higher in the next chapters.
Summary:Koyama and Shige go on a trip to ... well ... surprise ^.^' Koyama wants to find "that something" and maybe he will. (I'm being mysterious XD)


Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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