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Text icon request ~

Ohayou minna ~

Since I started subbing Kei-chan NEWS there was sooooo many cute Koyashige hints :) I was thinking that somebody maybe also read magazine translations and so on...

Isn´t there some icon maker who´d make a cute banch of Koyashige text icons for us?

And since I am posting this request, let´s post some ideas (text´s) in comments! Maybe it will help and we can share what we heard/read and at least have fun if it´s not turning into to icon, ne ~

Koyama: I want to learn how to take bones out of the fish - Shige: I will take them out for you

Shige: You ask for me too much.I’m scared of myself, because I don’t really mind.

Shige: I don’t often think it, but I thought, I don’t like Koyama

Shige: I’ll take Koyama’s bones.

Hahah...I would even use Shige´s alternative names for Kei´s butai :P


did I forgot some? I am sure I did :)
@credit for translations to K-chan NEWS subbing team translators.

Well,thanks for sharing yours if you will and once more ONEGAI to icon makers :)
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