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[fic] Spotlight

Hehe I'm back with Koyato again ^-^ This fic seems insanely short, yet it took up 1 and a half sides of A4. Hmm.. ah well hope you enjoy it ^-^

Title: Spotlight
Group: NewS
Pairing: Koyato. I intended it to be very soft hints of BL but if you don't like that sort of stuff I don't know why you're here you can easily just imagine them as friends.
Rating: G
Summary: Shige likes to hide in the shadows, but how much does it take to get him out of them? (lame summary XD)
Notes: Well I was reading a post on dizzy_starshine's journal about how Shige always seems to be hidden in the background and doesn't get much screen time, and I realised that you never really do see him for more than a few seconds at a time or over someone's shoulder so I thought I'll write a fic about it. And I'm a big big Koyato shipper so I had to put Koyama in there XDD

Shigeaki was always the quietest of NewS. He didn't see what was so appealing about being in the spotlight. What with the harsh lights that made him see spots and the thousands of fangirls focused on him, Shige just couldn't figure out why people liked it so much.

He preferred to hang back and let the others capture the eye of the crowd, occasionally chipping in with his own comments.

The other members of NewS always thought it was weird. Why join the entertainment business if you don't like attention? One would think it was obvious. To become an idol you would have to be constantly in the public eye, pleasing to the fans, always full of bravado. Right..?

Well Shige was an idol and, while he might not be the most popular of the group, he certainly had fans. That much could be told from the uchiwas with his face on that bobbed up and down in the crowd as NewS performed.

But as the eight members took up their regular places on the stage after a performance, Shige felt a hand wrap around his waist and a warm voice whisper come on into his ear, the cool breath dancing around his hair, and he was dragged to the front of the stage.

Coldness filled his chest as he saw thousands of eyes turn to face him. Koyama's hand tightened around his waist, his fingers curling into the empty belt loops and in that small space of time, Shige forgot about everything. The fangirls, the lights; even the girls with their Shige uchiwas bouncing up and down in their seats. All that mattered now was Koyama. Koyama's arm wrapped around his waist, Koyama's soft smile as he gazed down at the younger boy.

Maybe, Shige thought as he rested his head lightly on the taller boy's shoulder, the spotlight wasn't so bad afterall.

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Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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