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Koyashige stimulus. Let's get those fics written for a better tomorrow.

OK I know a lot of you have probably already seen this post, but after foxhana asked me if I was going to post it here I couldn't help but think how inappropriate it would be if I didn't =D.

In a time when Koyama and Shige are doing their part of gaying each other up like no bodies business there still seems to be a economic slump (I realize that economic slump doesn't exactly work as analogy but you get the idea) in the Koyashige fic department. That is why I like many of the great men/women that run various countries (to be fair I only know for sure that Japan and America are receiving stimulus) would like to offer a stimulus to anybody interested. Here is the concept in a nutshell: You write a Koyashige fic (any rating is OK but no gen or het). Then post it in the comments on my LJ. I will PM you about your address so I can send you "The Koyashige shop photo" as seen here (yes inala that is it's official name now ^.^):

To see the photo go to the original post on my livejournal by clicking the big red here at the bottom of this post.

I will not be making any prompts but if you can't think of anything please feel free to use one of the Koyashige prompts that where never written on one of the smut/kink memes in the past. If you would like to post it there too but want to stay anon please feel free to post it anon in both places and then PM me to let me know or if you would like to post a new fic that wasn't prompted there but your too shy or embarrassed you may also post it anon on my lj and PM me(I will know who wrote it but I will never tell :p).

It is not my intention to offend anybody by offering to do this. In my mind I see this as a double stimulus not double stimulation though that's good too >v< because it will also show interest in the Koyashige combini at the Johnny's shop (I will be buying them directly).

So if you have always wanted an official shop photo or you just want to support Koyashige. Please write me some porn♥.
If you want to do it go here
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