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2009 June Issues and some other magazines that were out for June or in May for June. Was hoping for more kawaii poses by them. oh well.
I left some textless because i didnt want to interrupt their perfect balls moments. XD
I didnt use any from Poatato or Winkup. 83 Icons - also very very colourful. :)
I also really really like the icon where i have Tegoshi with very red curly hair, with a ball. XD
I gave Shige his chin in his Back Stage icons. THere are two similar icons except for his slimmer and fatter chin. Choose one. XD

Number 50 to 55 is a set so please read the text okay?
There are 13 chibi shiges.

And I really dont answer questions that are pretty obviously stated in my post in nippon_news. arigatou.
83 icons )
Also a extremey sexy Dream about TegoMasu. :)
Pics of Shige. Some are just very dorky shige. kawaii!!
What iS shige DOING????? )

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