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Favorite part of the Day

T: Favorite part of the Day
A: hotfruits
C: Koyashige, (mentioned) Tegomass
D: Don't own, sadly
S: Shige turns away from Koyama and bites his lip, absentmindedly scratching his wrist. He's not really sure what his favorite part of the day is.

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First time JE writer. I apologize ♥

"What's your favorite part of the day?"

Shige closes the heavy book that had been resting in his lap, and with a confused look in his eyes, he turns towards Koyama. Expecting to see Koyama's usual goofy smile, he's taken aback by the seriousness of Koyama's expression, the way his mouth is set in a straight line and his eyebrows pulled together.

Shige frowns and asks, "What do you mean?" to which Koyama just rolls his eyes and says, "Exactly what I said Shige, what is your favorite part of the day?"

Shige turns away from Koyama and bites his lip, absentmindedly scratching his wrist. He's not really sure what his favorite part of the day is.

Maybe it's the time he has before work; unlike most people his age, Shige enjoys waking up at six in the morning to start his day, because it gives him the opportunity to lean outside his window, smelling the crisp morning air, the gray-blue tint to the sky and the warm cup of tea in his hands. Or maybe it's just a few hours after that, when he arrives at work and sees all of his friends.

Like the members of KAT-TUN, there's Jin and Kame who send perverted, saucy winks his way. Shige used to blush at those, but now he just rolls his hips, an almost perfect imitation of the two and they all just laugh. Koki, who always just nods at Shige and Junno, who smiles brightly and waves, til Koki smacks him over the head and yells, "It's too damn early for your smile!" This causes Maru to laugh, who high-fives Shige before attempting to save Junno from Koki's early morning rage. Lastly there's Tatsuya, who smirks at Shige and with his right hand, pretends to shoot himself in the temple.

But that doesn't sound right. Maybe it's the time he's with his band, as they practice their dances and songs, tiredly eating lunch together as Tegoshi steals food from Massu's bento, but it can't really be counted as stealing when Massu packs extra food just for the baby of the group. After lunch they're practicing again until Ryo gets annoyed with everyone (mostly Shige) and sulks in the corner, guitar in his lap and eyes closed as he plucks a gentle tune. Yamapi continues to practice though, sweat rolling down his brow and Tegoshi stares at Yamapi, still amazed at his sempai even after all of these years and Massu just laughs, sucking on a piece of candy. Once Ryo is done sulking, they continue to work as a group and even though Ryo continues to yell at Shige about his stupid hair and his crappy dance movies, Koyama just smiles and hugs Shige, whispering in his ear, "Ryo is like a girl on his period, ne?"

Shige is interrupted from his musings as Koyama clears his throat, clearly impatient and Shige hides his smirk under a fake glare, not ready to share his answer quite yet.

"Why did you ask this stupid question anyways?" Shige crosses his arms over his chest and Koyama begins to pout, before fulling turning away from Shige, mumbling something under his breath.

"What?" Shige snaps, poking Koyama in the side, "Didn't hear you."

"I heard Tegoshi asking Massu what his favorite part of the day was and Massu said breakfast and then Tegoshi got all mad but then Massu laughed and said it was because he got to see Tegoshi first thing in the morning," Koyama coughs, catching his breath, "while eating it made me wonder what Shige's favorite part of the day was."

Shige chuckled, setting his book down on the nightstand before pulling the string on the lamp, letting the darkness fill the room. Lifting up the blankets, Shige grabbed Koyama's hand and pulled him under the covers, til the two were wrapped comfortably in each others arms.

"This is my favorite part of the day," Shige smiled, gently kissing Koyama, "because after a long day, you and I settle down in our bed and I hold you close to me, the whole night through."
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