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Nakamaru Gives Good Advice

T: Nakamaru Gives Good Advice
A: hotfruits
R: R for wanking? IDK, this isn't very hardcore so I wouldn't really consider it NC-17
P: KOYASHIGE (nakamass)
D: Don't own. Nope.
S: In response to this prompt.

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Shige jumped as his phone began ringing, flinging his cup of water into the air. Cursing, he grabbed the phone and was prepared to scream at the person when he saw the name on the caller ID.


Koyama pulled the phone away from his ear, wincing from Shige's high pitched, and slightly girly, yell, "Um, yes, it's me," Koyama scratched his chin, "I think I've gone deaf."

Shige blushed, "Sorry, I've just...I've missed you."

Laughing, Koyama fell back onto the hotel bed, "Really, Shige-chan misses his Kei-chan?"

Shige's blush darkened as he pouted, opting to not answer Koyama's question because they both knew the answer; Shige really, really misses Koyama, and even though this new drama he's starring in is really good for his career, he can't help but be selfish and wish Koyama was with him right now.

Koyama closed his eyes, smiling as his body relaxed, "What are you thinking about?"

"You," Shige answered, sitting down on the couch as he turned the TV on, "I wish we could be together right now, it's depressing not having you here. Seriously, for the past three years we really haven't been apart for more than a week or's been a month and a half now." Shige coughed, trying to hide just how depressed he felt as a tear came rolling down his cheek.

Koyama nodded, "I know, I keep thinking about what we would be doing if I was with you right now. Would we sit at home in our pajamas and watch TV, or would we decide to go out."

"We'd definitely stay at home, heat up some of that frozen gyoza and just, be together," Shige leaned back into the cushions, sighing heavily, "We'd watch TV, and you would drip gyoza sauce everywhere. I'd laugh at you and you would just smile, cuddling up close to me."

Koyama grinned, imaging the scene Shige laid out for him, "Which would be awkward at first, considering our height differences but you'd eventually just roll your eyes and pull us to lay down on the couch, spooning up against me," Koyama paused, his grin turning into a smirk as he said, "Hey Shige, I have an idea."

Shige's eyebrows rose as he asked, "What idea? Should I be worried Kei, you don't get ideas all that often."

Ignoring the comment, Koyama answered, "Well, I was on the phone with Maru earlier, and I asked him how he dealt with the loneliness when Massu was in Sweden, and he said one thing that really helped was, well," Koyama snickered, "Phone sex. Want to try?"

Shige choked, spluttering as he shouted, "What, no! That's weird!"

Koyama chuckled, unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them as he responded, "Nuh uh, it's something new to try," slipping his hands underneath his briefs, Koyama sighed as he grasped himself, "I'm touching myself right now Shige, imaging it's your hand. Yours is a lot rougher than mine, calloused and smaller too. What would you do right now Shige, if I was with you?"

Shige gulped, "I'd, I'd stroke you, up and down and um, yeah."

Koyama laughed again as he stroked himself, little moans escaping into his laughter, "Ne, Shige is so awkward. Pretend with me, that you have my cock in your hand, that you're stroking it up and down, brushing your thumb against the tip. I've noticed that's something you often do," Koyama did it to himself, a louder moan bubbling from his throat, "It feels so good, Shige."

Shige moaned too, shoving a hand under the waistband of his sweats and taking himself into his hand. The hell with it, he thought as he stroked himself, mimicking the actions Koyama spoke of, adding a few others to the list, "That's right. I'd go fast, just to hear your breath quicken and watch your eyes widen in pleasure, then go slow, getting harder from your sweet moans and in that breathy voice you get as you beg for more."

Koyama bit his lip, quickening his pace for a few beats and then slowing down, repeating that process, "Oh Gods, yes. I'd be panting in your ear, sweating as your hand would drop lower to fondle my balls, before moving back up to stroke me fast. I'd be very close by then, wouldn't I?"

Shige nodded, "Yeah, you would be. You always come so quickly when I jack you off, clinging to me as you scream out my name, writhing against the sheets and looking so, fuck, gorgeous."

Koyama could feel the tell-tale signs that he was close as his stomach muscles began tightening. Using his other hand to roll his balls between his fingers, "I want you to come with me Shige," Koyama's voice shook as he spoke, his back arching off the bed as he moaned before spilling onto his hand, his breath coming out in quick puffs.

Hearing Koyama, Shige cried out as he released, his head falling back against the couch as his chest heaved up and down.

Wiping his hand on the bedspread, Koyama undressed himself before getting up and stretching, making his way into the bathroom, "Nakamaru was right, phone sex is great. I can't wait to tell him."

Shige jumped, "What!? Damnit Koyama, I've already told you, do not talk about our sex life with-" as the dial tone sounded through the phone, Shige hung up and pouted, before turning the TV off to go shower.
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