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[fic] Kitten

Omg this was written while I was in cracktastic mood and I was all uninspired @_@ Someone shoot me now XD

Title: Kitten (wtf I dunno XD)
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: Koyato
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: I dunno there's some grass and some pervy! Kei and some kitty! Shige and some kissing too.

Shigeaki Kato rolled over in the grass, the long blades brushing against his pale cheeks. His strawberry pink lips parted slightly, their edges turned up into a satisfied smile. He pushed his arms up, up high above his head and stretched, groaning slightly as the knots eased out of his tired muscles and his bones clicked. Eyelashes dusted softly over his cheekbones, teasing in the way they just barely touched.

Shige felt a hand running through his silky hair and grinned as he leaned into the contact. The hand rubbed against Shige's scalp. Softly, slowly began trailing along his jaw line, down his neck. Pausing at the top of his white shirt.

"Mouu.. Kei-chan don't stop."

He could almost hear the smirk as it slid onto Koyama's face. He could definately feel it when the older boy nuzzled his face into the crook of Shige's neck, just where it curved and joined onto his shoulders. He could feel nimble fingers unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it slowly, so painfully slowly, off his shoulders. The thought that they were in a field and could easily be seen entered his head but fled just as quickly when Koyama began trailing soft feathery kisses along his jaw bone, causing Shige to mewl like a kitten and curl his hands into the soft fabric of the older boy's shirt.

Shige's breath hitched as Koyama moved his attention to the younger boy's neck, muttering words that seemed suspiciously like 'my kitten..'. Shige pushed Koyama's chin up and forced them to be at eye level with each other before closing his dark eyes and capturing his boyfriend's lips in a searing kiss.

A trail of saliva escaped Shige's mouth a ran slowly down his jaw, soothing the hot trail Koyama's lips had left on his skin. Tounges twined together, battling for dominance as Shige's hands tightened roughly in Koyama's hair, bringing them so close, not a hair's breath from each other.

Shige purred. A soft rumbling sound that vibrated against Koyama's parted lips as he pulled away, gasping for air. Koyama slipped his hand into Shige's, the digits clutching tightly onto each other and their legs becoming tangled as Shige moved closer.

The last thing Shigeaki heard as he was captured by sleep was the steady, rhytmic beating of Koyama's heart and a sentence, spoken so softly that Shige only could hear it.

"I love you my kitten."

Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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