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[fic] Don't trad on broken glass

Title: Don't tread on broken glass
Fandom: NEWS
Pairing(s): Kusa/Shige Kusa/YamaPi Shige/Kei
Rating: PG..?
Disclaimer: I don't own NewS, shame eh?
Summary: Shige hates being lied to.
Notes: My first angst so please don't kill me XD I felt so bad for Shige during this fic that I had to give him a happy ending. Even if it's so little that it's barely there and makes me feel awful. Okay I lie there are no happies. The happies are all gone D': My fluff bug died I tell you!

Shige hated being lied to. It clenched his heart in a vice like grip and made him want to cry out from the pain, made him want to claw at his eyes, pull on his hair in frustration.

Through the darkness of his hotel room, Shige can hear soft giggles from the corridor, hears wet smacks as lips part. The quiet click as the door shuts sounds one hundred times louder to Shige, makes him flinch and curl into a protective ball under the downy quilt cover.

He says nothing when Kusano slips into bed beside him, smelling strongly of cologne. Cologne that isn’t his but he recognises easily.


Shige is certain that YamaPi doesn’t know about him. After all, why would he? Kusano never touched him in front of anyone else, kept to himself until the two of them where alone, when he would bite viciously at Shige’s neck and leave angry red marks. A blemish against the perfectly pale skin.

He doesn’t know why he never said anything. Even when Kusano stops coming to his bed at night, Shige says nothing for he always knows Kusano will come back. Maybe not this night but the night after, or sometimes the night after that.

But then ever when Kusano stops coming into his room at all Shige still says nothing. Acts as though nothing ever happened, as though Kusano isn’t cheating on him with one of his best friends.

Shige can’t remember the last time he didn’t cry himself to sleep, tears burning vivid paths down his cheeks and pooling onto the pillow beneath his head. When Shige starts to turn up at rehearsal with bags under his eyes, so large they can’t be covered with make-up, he doesn’t notice the concerned looks he gets. Doesn’t see Koyama’s soft eyes gazing at him from afar, their dark depths a mixture of hurt and confusion.

He does see Kusano and YamaPi in the corner of the room, Kusano perched on their leader’s lap, his finger twirling softly around honey coloured hair, with more tenderness than he ever showed to Shige.

Something inside him breaks.

He can’t stand to be in the same room as them anymore. It’s too suffocating. Too raw. He knows it’s all over now, there’s nothing left between him and Kusano save for a tattered friendship and a failed relationship. It’s like a dam broke and all of Shige’s feelings, ones he had tried so hard to bottle up, came flooding out as he fled the room.

Collapsing against the wall of the florally patterned hallway, Shige chokes as great sobs shake his frame, racking violently and causing him to howl with the pain, just wishing that somebody would come and take it away.

Shige never noticed that Koyama followed him out of the room, saw as the younger boy lost all control and became prey to his pain. Koyama falls to his knees beside Shige, pulls the sobbing boy against his chest, feeling the material quickly become soaked. But it doesn’t matter. Koyama threads his fingers through Shige’s hair, whispering soothing words into his ears.

“Everything will be okay.”

Shige clutches onto Koyama’s shirt, too terrified to let go, and wishes desperately that Koyama could make everything disappear. Wishes that Koyama could make everything okay.
Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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